Monday, February 8, 2016

The Good, The Bad, & The Alternative Plan

A couple of things happened last week. Some of them were the bomb and others were more like a dropped bomb.

First, the good, because it's awesome.

Once Upon A Regency: Timeless Tales & Fables released. It did exceptionally well on release day.



I also made #71 in Amazon's top 100 authors. Very cool, as that has never happened before. You can buy Once Upon A Regency at these fine e-retailers:

I believe the price is going up after Valentine's Day, so grab it quick while it's still 99 cents.

Now for the not-so-good.

Sometimes people have dreams and good intentions. And then life bites you on the ass and your plans deflate, because life isn't very nice sometimes.

A couple of months ago, I finished Her Heart's Desire, my second Viking book. I held off sending it to my editor because the Regency set was comning out and Tell is coming out in March. I didn't want a repeat of everything coming out at once like last year. It was a tad stressful.

I planned to send it to her next month when we'd probably be looking at a May or June release. On Saturday, there was a notice from the publisher. The house is closing doors. I feel a little bit like I might be a bad luck charm because this is the third time I've had this happen. It's hard to run a small publishing house, which is really sad, because those are the ones I enjoy working for. So I'm getting the rights back to Her Heart's Surrender at the end of this month.

That, obviously, means I need a new cover. Which is always a pain in the ass, because I stink at figuring out what I want for covers. And do you know how hard it is to find a Viking-ish looking couple? It's not the easiest thing ever.

I feel rotten for the house's owner, because she was very helpful and easy to work with. I feel bad for me because basically, the hard part was over. On the upside, I have an edited MS to use, which is more than some houses leave you with (on a side note, I read an article about how they can't stop you from using an edited MS because you did the work, but that's not an issue here, thank God).

I thought I took the news of the house closing really well. Except then without realizing it, I started pacing. I couldn't sit still. I don't think anyone else noticed, but I was secretly a little wracked with worry. I don't know why. I land on my feet more often than not.

Anyway, it's no big deal. It's just a new cover and a few interior changes. The plan is still to go ahead with Her Heart's Desire. My awesome, amazing editor already said, don't worry, I'll help you with it. 

We're good.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Little Series Love

Two days ago, I finished my 15th (I had to write them all down and count) novel. It's historical romance called Love Remembers When, the sequel to Love Won't Run, also finished and waiting for me to edit it.

I can't recall whether I mentioned much about these books (the series is called A Sawyer's Folly Novel), but they're set in a fictional northwestern Arkansas town called Sawyer's Folly. Erm, basically the town is named for a crazy dude who was searching for his departed wife and stumbled off a bluff. Oops. So far no important characters have done this. Luckily.

While writing Love Won't Run, I introduced the hero, Lo, and there was some talk about his brother. His niece also has a big role--she was left with him by his sister, who ran off to marry a denture salesmen. In LWR, it's a romance where Lo tries to find help training his niece to be a proper lady. At the end, his brother comes home. So we get the hero of Love Remembers When as a guy with a tragedy in his past and the love of his life returns to Sawyer's Folly as well.

They're fun 55-56,000 words novels. I'm looking forward to getting them out. I wrote Love Won't Run last year during the Savvy Authors Boot Camp challenge. It took about two months to get most of it done, then I added a bit more to it. Love Remembers When was done during Jano. I didn't have the usual drag of week 2 trying to slow me down, which was really great. In fact, it was the last week that dragged its heels. But I got her. I had to write the ending first, since it wouldn't quit trying to write itself. Then there was the go back and fill in the rest of the story part.

All in all, I'm happy to have it finished. I have another idea for the third book. I'm not planning to jump into it any time soon though. I have 3 box sets I'm writing stories for this year, so I definitely want to work on those, and I have another paranormal western I really need to get cracking on.

But yay for getting another historical romance finished and yay for a little break before jumping into anything else.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Rememberlutions 2015

Last year I saw an article on Buzzfeed about rememberlutions jars. Instead of making a resolution for the new year, you write down all the good things that happen throughout and place them in a jar to look at when the year ends.

I did mine for all my writing stuff. It's a good thing, because my memory is not cooperating as I try to recap the year. It's all, let's remember the last five minutes in vague detail and panic about how we have a car payment now! Thanks, brain. My Facebook feed is little help because it's mostly how my hair changed in the last six months (a lot).

I made my rememberlutions jar out of a mason jar I bought at Michael's, some of that color-your-own jar paint, some glitter nail polish and some crap velum stickers that obviously peeled. Some of the 'memberlutions stuck at the bottom because for some reason, the paint remains sticky down there.
My hand doesn't fit in the hole, so getting them out was a trick. #CraftFail

So let's look back at 2015 as a writer. (In no particular order):

-Published Wildwood Spring
-Wystan (The Heckmasters) received Book of the Month at Long and Short Reviews
-Finished Love Won't Run - first historical since Reclaiming Her Heart (This is a big deal.)
-Wildwood Spring nominated for RONE Award
-Finished Marry Me Again, Cowboy for Cowboys Forever Box Set
-Appearance on Authors in the Round webcast
-Cowboys Forever came out November 30 and broke the top 100 during pre-order
-Finaled in the Weta Nichols Writing Contest with Lawless
-Went to Use Your Words with The Treasure Hunter's Lady
-Books published this year: Eban (The Heckmasters, Book 2), Her Heart's Surrender, Wildwood Spring
-Made #1 in Kindle ebooks folklore category with Once Upon A Regency
-Finished Her Heart's Desire
-Finished A Duke Worth His Salt (a Regency novella)
-Asked for and regained the rights to Wildwood Spring. New cover, blurb, tagline. Formatted for ebook, hired designer for print (There's a little heart after this one. I was really happy.)
-Finished and contracted Tell (The Heckmasters, Book 3)with Samhain for March 2016 release
-Set up book signing in Eureka Springs
-Won 2nd place with Lawless at the Weta Nichols Writing Contest/ORAcon
-Finished Good Ride, Cowboy two weeks early
-Promo in Russellville, AR! Like a celeb!
-Got Love Won't Run back from Kensington

I'm really proud of the things I accomplished this year. Lots of good things happened. Here's looking forward to seeing what else I can accomplish in 2016.

Be safe out there, y'all. Happy New Year.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015

It's a Party, Party People

I wanted to remind everyone that the authors of Once Upon A Regency are hosting a kick-ass party for our box set. We've got lots of stuff going on over there, including contests with prizes this month. Please come join us!

Your official invite is here:

And, if you pre-order, you can go here:

and enter to win even more prizes!

You can pre-order the set at any of these ebook retailers:

Yesterday, Once Upon A Regency hit #1 in Kindle ebooks folklore. It was an awesome moment. I'm super proud of this set already. I hope everyone enjoys it!