Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Her Heart's Desire Release Day & Giveaway!

The Vikings have landed! Now available exclusively on Amazon, it's your favorite secondary characters from Her Heart's Surrender in their own adventure, Her Heart's Desire.

I didn't do an author's note in this book, but readers may come upon a certain part about Idunna's childlessness and wonder, is that true? The answer is, yes, it was common back then, however, it was frowned upon when making good, strong Norse babies was the key to overtaking the world. Needless to say, it was a strange world filled with proud people who tried to keep up appearances as much back then as they do today.

One of my favorite lines from Her Heart's Surrender is: “If marriage is all it takes to spare a life after all this death, then I will marry Eoghann Kentigern.”

For being a minor character in that novel, Idunna was one of the bravest. I didn't think Her Heart's Surrender would be more than a stand-alone, but then Idunna and Eoghann needed a story of their own. Here it is. I'm happy to share it.

Get it at Amazon: https://amzn.com/B01G2NVGBK

And, if you don't already own a copy of Her Heart's Surrender, you can enter my Rafflecopter giveaway here starting tomorrow:

Happy reading!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Her Heart's Desire - Cover Reveal

At long last, here is the cover for the sequel to Her Heart's Surrender. This book is about Ealasaid's brother, the skull-bashing Eoghann, boy who wanted to be emperor, but found out that life sometimes have crueler intentions.

One woman's desire will unite enemies and raise heroes.

Weary of battle and loss, Idunna Fundinsdottir has two desires--peace and to hold a child of her own. As a war widow, her one chance at happiness rests in the hands of Eoghann Kentigern, a man who was once her enemy. Despite their differences, she saves the mysterious Saxon from the noose and binds herself to him in marriage. She longs for a child, but the fair Saxon tempts her heart as well.

In a moment of clarity, Eoghann killed his brother in battle to save his long-lost sister, then vowed his fealty to a Norse king. When a plot to murder the king and his family comes to light, to repay his debts, Eoghann takes his family's life in his hands and flees for safety. Forced to return to Suibhne, his childhood home, he faces the choice of becoming the man he wished to be, or remaining the coward who stood in his brother's shadow for too long. To keep Idunna safe and his vows to his king, he must stand and fight or lose everything.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, it will be available for your Kindle, Kindle, Kindle. I'll update with the link! Here's a sneak peak at the first chapter:

“If you hurt her, I will gut you.”
Eoghann Kentigern swallowed, but held the iron hard stare with his brother-in-law, King Hella Ingvasson. To break it would show cowardice and he didn't mean to reveal his underbelly to the most powerful man in the settlement.
Hella's threat was unnecessary. Hurt Idunna, the woman who had saved his life when she had every reason to hate him?
“You have my word, Your Grace.” His voice wasn't as strong as he would have liked, but even weak, it was better than having no voice at all. Without Idunna's intervention, his head would be rotting on a pike somewhere.
Hella narrowed his eyes and jerked his chin at the curtain separating Idunna Fundinsdottir's room from the hallway. Eoghann's room now too since he'd vowed to protect and honor her a few hours earlier.
He sucked in a breath and pushed the curtain aside. On legs stiff as aged wood, he crossed the floor. Idunna waited for him blank-faced and rigid in a bed piled high with blankets and a shaggy gray wolf pelt. She didn't meet his gaze when he lifted the bridal crown of woven vines. It tangled in her seal brown hair and she flinched as he gave a little tug.
“Forgive me,” he murmured. He didn't need Hella, the king's faithful brothers, nephew, and the other two men tagging along as witnesses to this charade believing he'd harmed her on purpose.
She said nothing as she folded her hands together.
He carried the crown to Hella, then held it out. The king took it with another sharp look, then allowed the curtain to swing into place.
Eoghann's shoulders slumped as the sound of footsteps retreated from the doorway. Norsemen seldom invented an excuse not to attend a celebration. Apparently the queen's traitor brother's wedding claimed the exception as an event few of them could stomach. Aside from Hella, Ealasaid, Erik, Bjorn, their wives and children, the turn out had been abysmal. The shame of marrying a woman only to save his life almost caused Eoghann to flee. Might have, if Hella hadn't been guarding him all day.
He faced Idunna, but his feet froze and dread weighed him down.
They were alone for the first time since he'd come to Solstad. Alone with a woman who couldn't possibly love him because of the slaughter he'd helped bring to the neighboring village of Freysteinn. One of the warriors he'd marched with to slay the vikingrs had killed her first husband. Only a mad man would pretend Idunna could ever forgive him.
In Norse custom, they were supposed to consummate their marriage, which would tie them together as one in the community. The rituals of cleansing steams and baths before the wedding were meant to help them cast off their old lives. No amount of scrubbing or herbs would fix him. Not after what he'd done. He was the reason her first husband—the one she loved—was in the ground.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The RONE Awards

Last week I found out Her Heart's Surrender was officially nominated for a RONE Award in the Pre-Medieval category. This week, it's voting time! Situate your clicking finger, please.

Here's the lovely review from InD'Tale Magazine. A 4.5 ain't bad, ain't bad at all. I'm humbled by the kind things everyone had to say about this book because I'd never attempted anything like it before. I love the setting and the characters. It was a challenge, but a good one.

Here's the link to vote for Her Heart's Surrender.

Plus, keep your eyes peeled, because in May, I'm revealing the cover for Her Heart's Desire, the long overdue sequel!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Exit, Persued by Bad Luck

Okay, so it's been a hell of a week.

Last Sunday, my uncle passed away. He was only in his 50's, which is young, but he'd been in poor health for a while. Death sucks, no matter what.

Next week, I'm changing jobs, which is waaay scary. And stressful. My feed and sleep have been off ever since making this choice. It'll be okay, of course, but my overactive brain likes to make me pretend it won't be. Shut it, brain.

Also, you may recall that Three Worlds Press closed. And then... $!#% me, if Samhain sent an email about closing. I first heard the news on my FB page and scrambled to my email on Friday afternoon. I was heartbroken. The masses are screaming, "oh, dear sweet and fluffy lord, what's going to happen to the Heckmasters!?!?". Okay, they probably aren't, but I loved, loved, loved working with everyone there. I loved how my editor loved my weird, wild Heckmasters.

I cried. It felt like someone passed away. And having already been to one memo rial service last week, my frame of mind was already set to, damn, I'm sad. 

I'll get the rights back, eventually, but it might be a while. It gives me time to figure out what the heck to do about covers and maybe retitling. It was a thought when I first signed the contract that we might retitle. I'll think about it.

Unfortunately, this news casts a shadow on the release day for Tell (The Heckmasters, Book 3). I wanted to have a big blog celebration for the release, but the last month, I was kind of dragging my heels. I arranged some promo. I could call this sense of hesitation a glimpse of the bad news to come, but really, I just didn't get as much done as I should have. I'm deeply saddened by the loss of a wonderful publisher and the crew who helped me put Tell--and all the Heckmasters--between covers.

I cried and moped like crazy Friday night. I wanted to go to bed and never get out of it. I drank virtual whiskey in a chat room with my fellow pub-sibs and told myself I would get through this, just like I have each time a publisher shut down. Like many of my pub-sibs said, Samhain seemed like an unattainable dream when I first started writing. I didn't think I was good enough for such an awesome company. Being chosen by my editor was a shining moment in my writing career. It gave me much more confidence in myself and my skills as a writer. Losing them feels like someone ripped off a body part.

I will mope. I will sigh. But in the end, I will rise. If I'm going to stay strong in the writing world, I don't have a choice.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Her Heart's Surrender Cover Update

I mentioned a post or two ago that the rights for Her Heart's Surrender are being reverted to me. Last night, I received the email with the document in it. So today, I'm presenting the all-new cover for my first Viking book.

Here you go:

And you're saying, but Ealasaid and Hella were both blond. Whaaat?

Well, in times of changes, there are obviously changes. So now they're dark-haired.

The paperback from Three Worlds Press is still listed on Amazon, so don't go over there thinking you're getting a new version with dark-haired people. This one won't be available until sometime in March. I have a ton of stuff going on right now, so I'm a little behind getting formatting done. I'll let you know when it's available again.