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You Want Me to What?

Just got off the phone with a volunteer from the Missouri Literary Festival. I found out some interesting information. There were roughly 30 entrants and the winner lives in Oregon. The third place winner is local.
Apparently I’m to have a fan base as well. Not only do I get to be accompanied by husband, but mom, her husband, my aunt and cousin, and mom’s two second cousins are coming as well. It’s a little bit embarrassing, getting that much attention. Mom asked if I would be nervous reading it out loud. Yeah, I probably will be. It’s all I can do to be brave enough to read at critique. The volunteer said I’d have 10-15 minutes to be on the little stage.
I almost flunked speech class in college. Funny, because I lettered in speech and drama in high school. I ought to be used to being in front of crowds, I loved acting, even did a year where I had a partner and we did impromptu. That was fun. But when I went to college, the first speech I ever gave, I froze behind the podium and everyone could see my leg shaking. I really hope it doesn’t do that. I read a quote once that I modified for my own use. I forget who said it, but she said, “Sex appeal is 50% of what you’ve got and 50% of what other people think you’ve got.” I like to think confidence instead of sex appeal, because I’m married and if my husband doesn’t like hairy legs, well, too bad. So if I have 50% confidence and I can convince other people I’m at a 100%, then it’ll be okay. Why shouldn’t I have confidence anyway? Second out of 30-ish? Today I’m not nervous, but I have to go home andread the story because I haven’t looked at it since mid-July.
Let me leave you with this, the little quote I told myself when I dropped the envelope in the mail box: “When you go into the lion’s den, you don’t tip-toe in. You carry a spear. You go in screaming ‘Where is the son of —–?’ If you go in any other way, you’re going to lose.” – Bill Billick.