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And that's 50K

My bar is green. I should be ecstatic, but the story isn’t over. We’ve still got to dispose of the bad guy and save the girl. Don’t you hate it when the FMC gets herself into a mess like that? I have no idea how to kill the antagonist. I hate to just say, well Jake, kill ‘em and have it over like that. It feels like cheating. The thing about the bad guy, Kline, is that he’s a lot like his father, Cobb, the original bad guy. They would rather talk you to death than actually shoot you. In Cassie’s eyes, Cobb had as much money as God and therefore, he hired his own son to kill Jake. Well, Kline failed and now he’s got to do the deed again. I hate to just have Jake shoot him. I’ve got to think about this.
The bar is green. My wrist is half-numb, half-achy and no fun. I haven’t eaten yet today and my nose is running. I was up for two hours last night with really bad heartburn. Not a spectacular win, but I’m this close (—) to going to Wal-Mart, buying some glass chalk and writing NaNoWriMo – Jacob’s Treasure – WIN on my car’s back glass.
My husband asked me why I dressed up today. I curled my hair, put on some earrings and some eyeshadow. Because I was going to win today. Duh. I deserve that Dr. Pepper I said I was going to cut back on. Alright, we all know I’m not really going to cut back on it. Wow, that lasted all of five hours. I have the will power to write a 50,000 + word novel in 20 days, but not quit the carbonated beverages. Oh, well.Green bar.
“We have done the impossible and that makes us mighty.” – Sgt. Malcolm Reynolds FireFly “Serenity”