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I Hate Bubble Coats

I bought one of those bubble coats to wear. My original coat is six years old and while it has served the purpose (and quite fashionably), I’m tired of looking at it. And the faux fur part around the neck and sleeves is getting kind of knappy. I’ve hunted and hunted for a new coat that I liked. Do you all realized how ridiculously overpriced winter coats are? They’re outrageous. Especially the ones I like, made out of couderoy and lined with wool. It’s probably not even real wool. Those are around $50-60! Crazy prices! So I settled. At Wal-Mart, I found a bubble coat for $7. I wore it around the store for about five minutes while I looked at other coats. When you’re looking at name brand bubble coats with faux fur hoods for $40, you’re thinking $7 is a pretty good price. Especially when husband wants a new coat, too and he desperately needs one, because hobos wouldn’t wear the coat he has.
I bought the bubble coat knowing how I looked in it. I hate winter. I hate wearing coats and long pants and shoes. I hate wearing gloves and layers. I hate laying in bed at night freezing because husband thinks it’s plenty warm, but I’m shivering. I hate having to go outside and let the car defrost. I bought the coat and I wore it for the first time this morning. I keep scissors in the glove box because you never know when you might need scissors. I also carry pocket knife. I was sorely tempted to hack said bubble coat into small bits of fluff and shreds of material. It wasn’t hard to drive in, the way some coats are. It was really warm. But it zips and for that reason, the collar stands up. The zipper kept rubbing against my face and it drove me nuts. I hate the stupid bubble coat. I’m irritated with the inventor of the bubble coat. Why are these in fashion? Who wants to look like a giant colordy marshmallow? This is the Midwest, not the Arctic. No one needs bubble coats. We need sensible coats with quilted lining, not poof! It’s very frustrating. But I have to live with the bubble coat because I bought it. Well, at least I like the colors. If I get sick of green, then it’s reversible and the other side is black. Options, there’s a bonus. Okay, not really.