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Wise Fortune Cookie Says

Fortune cookie of the week. Oh wise and noble, not to mention tasty cookie, impart your wisdom on us lesser (and decidedly less tasty), foolish creatures: You will obtain your goal if you maintain your course.
Really? Are you sure? Because from where I’m standing, the journey seems a little tricky. By tricky I mean long and rocky and not unlike the scene in Return of the Kingwhere Frodo and Sam are climbing up the mountain in Mordor and then that nasty little Gollum comes along to bite your finger off. Hopefully I will be able to keep my (much loved) digits while I journey on. I have to stop comparing everything to books and movies.
Ah, grasshopper, you doubt all-knowing cookie’s wisdom? Well . . . yes. A) because cookie doesn’t know everything and B) I’m very much aware of the fact that a second draft is supposed to better than the first draft. Why don’t I feel like the second draft is better? Why do I feel like we’re running on the same tracks? Maybe worse tracks? Honestly, what if it’s worse? That’s possible. Anything is possible, but not everything is probable.
Which, therefore, also means it might be better. Not likely, but possible. Feel like I’m running around in circles chasing my own tail? Yeah, me too. I keep plugging along. Okay, I keep dragging my feet, but little by little I’m getting some things done. I finished chapter 2 last night. That’s something, right? C&C v.2 has many of the same elements as v.1, but as I stared a the screen under the heading THREE, my mind was nearly as blank as the page. Crap. Then I started to notice something. The first two chapters are shorter than they originally were. That can’t be good.
All right, if you meanies won’t buy my book and write it, will you consider not buying it and writing it for me anyway?