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I'd Rather Be...

So, first blog of the new year. And it’s late. Lovely. I usually do it on Monday or Tuesday. Sometimes I get so excited about blogging I do on Sunday. Wow, Thursday already, eh? I couldn’t think of anything to write about. You don’t really want to me whine about how much I hate snow and trudging around my driveway each day because it’s too slick for my sorry little car to make up up and down the hill. I’m miserable. Sometimes my mind wanders off for a while and I’m a thousand (or better) miles from my home knee-deep in blue water feeling the sand being sucked from under my bare feet. I tried to convince my husband to run away with me to Mexico this morning. Tomorrow’s high in Cancun is somewhere around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. I told him I would herd goats or even kill chickens if we could leave today. A co-worker suggested I might be better off working at a resort, but you can see how desperate I am. By the way, in George Town, Grand Cayman the high all week is the 70-80′s with a slight chance of rain. I’d weather a 1,000 hurricanes rather than face the snow and sleet we’ve gotten lately. Sadly, I can’t remember what it was like to feel the 70′s. I saw 75 degrees on one site and I thought brrrrr. Weird, huh? The high today in SW Missouri is 10 degrees F. The low is 0. They said it’s warmer in Anchorage, Alaska. Lucky bums.
So, how’s that editing coming along? Um…I have a confession to make. Oh, don’t look at me like that, I have been editing, so there. I just haven’t been working on C&C v.2. I swore I was quitting, didn’t I? I was going to ignore JT because it was driving me nuts, couldn’t think of an ending. I’ve been working on it for about a week. Right now I’m reading over it, but I’ve more or less made up my mind it’s not going to be much longer. I have a few ideas for publishers that take short submissions. And I changed the title. I only have to decide the end and the thing that’s giving me fits about it is proving Jacob’s innocence. Maybe it’ll hit me out of the blue. I love it when that happens. I’m not holding my breath (that’s a good way to pass out), but you know. I figure as long as I’m working on something, then I’m not wasting my time.