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The New Project

That’s right. I got stuck on C&C, although when I’m not floating around in dirigibles and making up stories about gigantic serpents, I’ve come up with an idea or two to get me around the part where I’m stuck. But what I really, really want to talk about is the newest WIP. Eight thousand words. In three days (oh, you knew I had it me, I mean I did win at Nano). Guess what? It’s the steampunk. Yes, the steampunk I’ve been blabbering about for a couple of months. It has a delightfully fiesty heroine named Romy, Abel an American cowboy and of course, a giant, mythical serpent called Wagyl. She was called this by the aborigines (you guessed it, Australia) in Western Australia. Romy and Abel are in a race against time–though I won’t tell you why–to find the Soul of the Rainbow Serpent. I won’t tell you what it does either. I only want to get 20 out of it because I think I can wrap it up nicely in that amount. I had a really hard time getting it started, but once I did it’s been nothing…

The Stern Pep Talk (snort)

At last, better weather. They say it hit 70 F yesterday. It felt colder than that, there must have been a north wind blowing. Today I ventured out of the house in a brand-spanking-new pair of powder blue flip flops. They clashed marvelously with shockingly green toe nails to celebrate spring and St. Patrick's. And the four-leaf clover tattoo bared to the world. It was only when I arrived at work that I noticed the harsh fluorescent lamps revealing the pasty glare of my sun deprived legs. Ah, well I don't care. This morning the sun is shining, some bits of grass are green, and all is right in the world. It's supposed to rain this afternoon. I'll worry about it then.

Sunday is the ever popular American tradition of Spring Forward. I wish they'd leave it alone. All this switching the clocks stuff confuses me. Millions of people are going to complain about losing an hour of sleep. Here's how I deal with it--sleep in on Sunday to make up for losing that hour on Mon…

Quoting Shakespeare

“To thine own self be true.” Oh, I have a few quotes I prefer a little more than that one, but then I’d be writing a whole different blog. Hi. You may not know me very well. Even if you read every blog I’ve posted. Mostly you can pick out I tend to be angsty, frustrated, cranky and sometimes just plain mean. Sometimes I’m funny and light-hearted. Other times I’m depressed and possibly boring. I frequently spell words wrong and for some reason the blasted spell checker doesn’t correct it. I’m forever procrastinating. You probably know I’m married, I can’t resist strawberry cheesecake, and I love the Old West. You might even know I’m from southwest Missouri where I’ve lived my whole life except five years. Bonus points if you can tell me where those five years were. Oh, and I love movies. I make a movie or TV reference in nearly every blog. I’m fixing to do it again. This last week husband and I have been watching Lonesome Dove: The Series. For the record, the only two movies based Lar…