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The Stern Pep Talk (snort)

At last, better weather. They say it hit 70 F yesterday. It felt colder than that, there must have been a north wind blowing. Today I ventured out of the house in a brand-spanking-new pair of powder blue flip flops. They clashed marvelously with shockingly green toe nails to celebrate spring and St. Patrick's. And the four-leaf clover tattoo bared to the world. It was only when I arrived at work that I noticed the harsh fluorescent lamps revealing the pasty glare of my sun deprived legs. Ah, well I don't care. This morning the sun is shining, some bits of grass are green, and all is right in the world. It's supposed to rain this afternoon. I'll worry about it then.

Sunday is the ever popular American tradition of Spring Forward. I wish they'd leave it alone. All this switching the clocks stuff confuses me. Millions of people are going to complain about losing an hour of sleep. Here's how I deal with it--sleep in on Sunday to make up for losing that hour on Monday. Or, go to bed an hour earlier, you twit!

Saturday something frightening and exciting happened. I've surgically removed the end of C&C (I swear, it was like gnawing my own arm off--that painful). Now we're starting a whole new ending at chapter 15. {Insert groan of frustration here} I think I've got it started, but I'm kind of iffy. And I'm kind of down on myself because I'm considering only going to 60,000 words this time around. The more I cut the more I wonder how any book ever reaches a certain goal. Mind, I'm still cutting in the previous chapters as well. Is it ever really going to be at a solid number? I doubt it. I'm falling into that trap again where I don't want to edit. I want to write which would be all good and well, except I don't want to write the end of C&C, I want to write something new and fresh. The end of C&C would be new and fresh, but I'm a tad bored of the characters. Yipe. I know what needs to happen, I just can't get it all straight in my head and looking good on paper. My greatest downfall is trying to edit while writing. It's not that much fun. I'm going to imagine I'm looking in a mirror (in this scenario, my hair looks a lot better and I'm twenty pounds lighter. I like this already) I'm saying to myself with sternness in my voice "Get your head on straight, kid. You've got until the end of June to finish C&C again." There that should do it, right?

Critique went well on Saturday. It would have been pretty bad if not for the wonderful ladies who crit before I take it to my monthly critique. At least I'm consistent in the mistakes I make ;)