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Day two with only one contact in. My supervisor said, isn’t your eye any better? Making me even more paranoid. I want to put my sunglasses on and hang my head. Maybe I shouldn’t have pulled my bangs back. Well, it feels better so :P . And compared to how it looked yesterday , it looks at least 50% better. Stupid, infected eyeball. I really don’t like you right now. Twenty-ten isn’t being so good to me; first the ear infection, then the nasty cold, then the burned leg and now the eyeball. Can we move forward to Twenty-eleven?
I’m such a moron though, I only just realized Brisbane isn’t in Victoria *deep blush*. That’s okay, when I was in junior high, I thought Quebec was in South America. Obviously geography isn’t my strong suite, kind of like math. I fixed it in my doc folder, but it’s still messed up in my crit groups so if anyone sees it, ahem, don’t pay it any mind. I still have some work to do on it, around chapter five there’s a great chunk of about four days missing. I need some filler–that’s practically a curse word–for those days. I’ll come up with something. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a few more rows and a nice legend about the The Rainbow Serpent and Wagyl. And, gee, I don’t know, some sex? I completely forgot (maybe it was a subconscious thing) to write in any sex. The attraction is there, but I was so busy with the adventuring I just forgot. I like that the critters think it’s funny so far. I like the dramatic, but I wanted to do something different. Guess I achieved that.
Hopefully my eye will get much more better today and I’ll be able to put my contact back in. Then we can go do some adventuring of our own. I have a hankering to climb up to top of that cave at Roaring River. PeeWee wants to come too. He’s had his haircut and looks super cute. When I picked him up yesterday from the groomer, she was feeding him a large Milkbone. He got a little cranky when she took it away to hand him over. He wasn’t content until he was munching on it again in the truck. He eats more than any little dog ought to, I swear he has hollow legs. There’s not much in the way of food he’ll turn down.
Happy Weekend, all!