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Cursor blinking. Waiting for the next letters or symbols to fill up empty white space. Sorry little buddy, you’re gonna be waiting a while. The more spring warms the earth and encourages the blooming of beautiful green plant life, the less I want anything to do with writing. I’m more interested in playing in the sunshine and exploring.
We spent Saturday at Roaring River State Park admiring the trout, big and small. I climbed a trail to get vertigo-inspiring photos of the fish hatchery. You can see all the pics here. I woke up this morning wishing I’d climbed higher (this from the person who can’t climb a 10ft ladder) and made it to the top of the cave to take pictures from up there. Husband said if it’s nice next weekend, we can take Pee Wee. He didn’t get to come this time because he needs a summer cut in the worst way–he’s shedding enough hair to produce another little dog. He loves to travel. I wish we could take Bandicoot too, but she gets carsick and I don’t have enough lap for both of them.
So, the word count for this weekend: mmm, maybe 1300. And only about two hundred of those were for C&C. ORA’s Weta Nichols Writing Contest deadline is drawing near. I hate the first chapter of C&C so much that I have almost no desire whatsoever to enter it. I’m just afraid if I don’t, I’ll kick myself later. I’m sooooo bored with the whole thing I don’t even want to open the document. I’d almost rather chew my own arm off than look at it ever again
Once many long years ago, I had a horse. I went on a trail ride with the horse. At the end of the day, it was pouringrain and time to go home. Someone offered to trailer the horse home for us. The horse didn’t want to get into the trailer. Horses are smarter than people sometimes. He didn’t want to get into the trailer because the floor was wet and there was a strange horse in the trailer. When my dad pulled on the reins to lead the horse in, it balked. When I say balked, I mean that horse leaned back, almost on his haunches and refused to move–1100 pounds of flesh and bone and smarter-than-the-people brains. It took three guys to move that horse. When the horse got into the trailer, he immediately slipped, the other horse freaked out, kicked him in the head and lost a shoe. My horse was okay, except for the cut above his eye. It could’ve been a lot worse. The second time they tried to put him in the trailer, he got in, but much more carefully. That’s me. Standing at the edge of the methaphorical trailer, balking because I don’t want to get kicked in th head.
I think because I finished TRS, I’m just not motivated to write. I’ve been toying with two other story ideas. I thought about writing another steampunk and then I thought about a historical. The downside is, I don’t know much about ships and I’d have to you know, learn about them, sort of. I’m not really interested in writing about ships and I’m a little ify about not writing stories that involve cowboys. I like the old west. I want all my stories set there. That was my mistake *big sigh*. Stupid convict story not set in the old west. I almost hate you. There’s a saying where I came from that goes: your eyes must have been bigger than your stomach. It means that you put too much on your plate and can’t eat it all. I put too many words into my processor and can’t finish them. I don’t even want to fix the spotes that the critters have pointed out to fix, no matter how easy it would be to do it. #$%$^@!
Saw Clash of the Titans over the weekend. I wasn’t real impressed. I thought the characters were too thin and I don’t mean they had eating disorders. I didn’t believe them. “Oh, no, I was adopted by a fisherman, but I don’t know where I came from or what my purpose is!” Get in line, pal. Cry me a river. At least it had a happy ending. It’s been about 17 years since I saw the original, so I have no idea if it ended the same way or not. You can tell I really enjoyed the first one ;) They showed the golden owl thingy and Persius was all “What’s this?” and the soldier guy is all “Oh, it’s nothing, leave it here.” And that was it. I mean, why even mention it if you’re not going to tie up that loose end? And really, Hades is threatening to destroy your village. I’m thinking, okay, bye. Leaving now. When I’m comfortably settled in my new home and someone brings it up, I’m going Oh, yeah, Argos? I remember that place. Just a shame what happened to it. I mean, if you know the gods are angry and about to destroy the city, why would you even stay there? Common sense anyone? And why, if Zeus is ticked at the mortals is he giving weapons to Perseus? He knows Perseus is mad at him and determined to hurt him, so whyoffer help? Don’t give me that schpiel about parental love, either. And how, please explain, how did Zeus not know his own son was still alive? I mean, he obviously impregnated the king’s wife on purpose. The king had his wife killed, but not the bastard child… Um, what? So Zeus wasn’t looking when they dumped the casket containing the dead queen and living child into the ocean? He was so hellbent on punishing the king, he just decided not to pay attention after he mutilated the man? Oh, yeah! It was in the script, duh! I also thought the animation done on Pegasus was a little crappy. Let’s make Medusa and the Kraken rock so no one will notice the lame horse movements. I’d give that movie about a D+, on a good day. And they’re talking about making a sequel. Heaven help us.