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Getting Down and Dirty

With Editing. No, really. I’m working hard at it with C&C, trying to get the first 25 pages super perfect because I am going to send it into another contest. Oh, there’s so much work to be done. But I haven’t been dragging my feet, I haven’t been going, oh God why am I doing this to myself. In fact, I think with the judges’ comments from the Weta Nichols Writing Contest, it’s gone smoother. I’ve done a little playing with Jonah’s character and I think he’s going to work out much better as the story progresses. I’ve taken some advice from other crits about some parts of the story and I’m revamping those too. I’m changing some elements and in the end it is going to be a better story. I miss the fun, wild, crazy ride that was TRS and TT, but they’re there waiting in the wings. I haven’t forgotten them, but this has been a long time coming. Now, to stay on it.

Keeping Your Part of the Bargain

Never mind that it was a bargain I made with myself. Thirty thousand, one hundred seventy-six words. There. Treacherous Tumbles is finished. Not edited in the least, but finished. Wow, was that ever the kind of wild ride I never thought I’d go on. It was definately different and a lot *ahem* naughtier than anything else I’ve written. I had a minor freakout last night when I went to open the TT file. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I searched and wondered if I’d moved it somewhere else. I found the stuff I’ve cut from it but not TT file. And then I had to laugh at myself because TT was never filed as TT. It’s always been filed as Decker, since it didn’t have a title when I started writing it. Whew. And now, for your view pleasure (or not, whichever): A snippet from Treacherous Tumbles.
The blurb: Texas Ranger Byron Decker has sworn to protect the state against outlaws. But who will save him from the devil’s harpies? Widow Priscilla Patton has loved Deck since her school days, but no amou…

The Boredome Whip O' Doom

I haven’t finished TT. I haven’t finished or edited or done much of anything lately.Lazy. I’m not even going to try to defend myself. I did finish both of Kimberly Killion’s books. I really enjoyed Her One Desire, very well written and unfortunately I’ve been thinking in a Scottish burr for the last two days. I’ve really got to stop that. I’m bored. Bored with trying to edit, bored with trying to finish TT, bored, bored, bored. They say boredom leads to death. Well, that’s not good. You know what I need? A slave driver. Someone who’s going to say: Have you done any writing or editing today? And when I say no (probably in a whiny voice), that person is going to crack the black whip o’ boredom doom and make me get to work. Here I always thought I needed minions, but turns out I need someone to put me in line. Well, as I’m alone at the mo’ and have no one to brandish said whip, I guess I’ll wave it around, skip rope with it—at which point, I’ll no doubt fall flat on my face—and then mak…

ORA Conference 2010

Between you and me, I’d have said you’d had one too many drinks if anyone was passing out awards for C&C. I’m flattered and a little bit awestruck.
Maybe I shouldn’t be peeking at the chapter as I post this blog. It might be the wrong thing to do. Deep, deep, deep down, I love this story. But on the surface, I sort of cringe every time I look at it. Like I planned it to be my greatest triumph, the “child” I groomed from day one, my show pony and it flopped, forgot a spelling word, or broke a leg and we had to put it out of it’s misery. Really. It was a struggle, word for word, scene for scene, stubborn Jonah bit after stubborn Jonah bit. The man couldn’t have co-operated with me any less if he was a real man! Honorable Mention. Wow. So, at least the first chapter isn’t all bad. I’m almost dreading finding out the feed back for it. Like ripping a Band-Aid off, you put that moment off because you know it’ll hurt. Luckily, I don’t have to fret over it today. Whew. See, this just goes…

The Part Where My Brain Went on Vacation

I thought I’d give you a laugh at my expense. Might as well, right? I already embarrassed myself in front of no less than 10 people, might as well let the world know. I saw an ad advertising opening at the B-town zipline. Know what a zipline is? You strap yourself into the one of the most uncomfortable pieces of equipment on God’s green earth, climb a tower and step of a tiny platform into thin air 125 feet off the ground while you zoom at unbelievable speeds to another tower. Some people are born with invisible tattoos on their foreheads that say “Do NOT under any circumstances let (your name here) take a job doing (insert job title here).” My invisible tattoo says “Do NOT under any circumstances let Allison take a job doing ANYTHING involving heights.” I ignored the tattoo and applied for the job. I got an interview. It went well. Until the GM said come back tonight at 7, we’re going to get high. I’m no dummy, I knew that meant I was going zipping. Okay, I’m a self-proclaimed wilde…