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Getting Down and Dirty

With Editing. No, really.
I’m working hard at it with C&C, trying to get the first 25 pages super perfect because I am going to send it into another contest. Oh, there’s so much work to be done. But I haven’t been dragging my feet, I haven’t been going, oh God why am I doing this to myself. In fact, I think with the judges’ comments from the Weta Nichols Writing Contest, it’s gone smoother.
I’ve done a little playing with Jonah’s character and I think he’s going to work out much better as the story progresses. I’ve taken some advice from other crits about some parts of the story and I’m revamping those too. I’m changing some elements and in the end it is going to be a better story.
I miss the fun, wild, crazy ride that was TRS and TT, but they’re there waiting in the wings. I haven’t forgotten them, but this has been a long time coming. Now, to stay on it.