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ORA Conference 2010

Between you and me, I’d have said you’d had one too many drinks if anyone was passing out awards for C&C. I’m flattered and a little bit awestruck.
Maybe I shouldn’t be peeking at the chapter as I post this blog. It might be the wrong thing to do. Deep, deep, deep down, I love this story. But on the surface, I sort of cringe every time I look at it. Like I planned it to be my greatest triumph, the “child” I groomed from day one, my show pony and it flopped, forgot a spelling word, or broke a leg and we had to put it out of it’s misery.
It was a struggle, word for word, scene for scene, stubborn Jonah bit after stubborn Jonah bit. The man couldn’t have co-operated with me any less if he was a real man! Honorable Mention. Wow. So, at least the first chapter isn’t all bad. I’m almost dreading finding out the feed back for it. Like ripping a Band-Aid off, you put that moment off because you know it’ll hurt. Luckily, I don’t have to fret over it today. Whew.
See, this just goes to show you have to have awesome critique partners. If you write and you don’t have crit partners, get one or some or whatever. The input is so valuable. Thanks to all of my awesome partners, you’re brilliant!
Honestly? I didn’t think it stood a chance. I heard how many entries there were, but I forget now. It was 50ish at least and some from Canada. I was stunned when For Everything A Time placed second in a national contest. I’m totally blown away that the Weta Nichols Award went international and C&C got an Honorable Mention. Holy cow.
Enough about me. The conference was great. I have photos, but they’re lousy. 
So much work went into the conference and it turned out beautifully. The speakers were so nice, I actually sat catty-corner from Kimberly Killion at dinner Friday night and she’s a riot. I won her two books in a really nice basket as a door prize, I can’t wait to start reading them and anyone who followed me on blogspot will know that Megan Kelly stopped by and posted that she was excited to come to the conference, so you know she’s cool. Ginger Kolbaba was a hoot and Mary-Lane Kamberg read some really funny stuff she’s written to give us an idea of how to do humor writing. Good stuff!
Honorable Mention. That’s me. Has my name on the certificate. Going on the wall. Uh-huh.