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Putting it All Away

And it felt sooooooo goooooood.
What? What did she put away? Oh! Okay don’t get so excited. All I did was stop worrying about word counts. And it felt fabulous!
I had to chop, hack, cut and revise chapter 10 of C&C. So I reluctantly removed something like 4000 words. And made them up last night. It was so refreshing. And this morning I wrote a scene with a goat in it. That was fun. I’m a fan of goats. They kind of stink and the rectangular pupils are a bit frightening, but lots of them are super sweet. We went to the Ozark Empire Fair last week and this little goat was sucking on my finger. I wanted to stick it in my purse and run for the car. He was considerably bigger than my purse, so that wasn’t going to work, but he was such a cutie! The scene was inspired by a goat we used to have. Her name was Lulu and she “laughed” when I used to chase her. I had to chase her because she kept getting loose and running away. She thought she was a dog and some mornings I would wake up and find her sleeping on our porch. I miss that goat.
I really feel like the characters are coming together better. I don’t have the constant desire to strangle Jonah anymore. I have added some new elements and still have to work out the next chapter, but I figured out the part where Jonah realizes he loves Bridgit. Whew!
Hey, you know what? This blog, well not this blog has been around for a year. It started out on Blogger as Insert Clever Title Here, of course, and I had to move it Wordpress because Blogger was deliberately provoking my anger for its own amusement, but I’ve been blogging for a year. Everyone collect a party-colored balloon and slice of cake on your way out!