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Bursting Out of the Starting Gate

Day 2: NaNoWriMo
Currently standing at 3,501. Okay, that’s not entirely true. There may have been–in fact, there is–an additional 5,000 some words written prior to November 1st. Just to get a feel for the characters. Some people go splunking without head gear. Me, not so much. Okay, probably no one goes splunking without head gear. But they do enter tiger cages without being wrapped in layer after layer of protective padding. Not me. I have to have some practice, get a feel for the characters. I’m an honest soul–most of the time–and I’m not counting those pre-NaNo words.
So. Woke up Saturday with that nagging (ha!) feeling in my left wrist again. You know the one. It felt like a derranged clown with a paring knife was slicing the tendon between my thumb and radial bone into julienne-style bits. I thought, wow, what a great start that will be for Nano. Fortunately it faded by Sunday. The way appeared clear. Whew.
Then… Monday happened. November 1st. The big day. One thousand six hundred sixty-seven words or bust. I’d mostly shoved aside my thrill of hitting the word count every five minutes over the summer. That little habit is back, in The Shining here’s Johnny-style. Two days into this and I’m getting super good at hitting word count almost every 100 words. What a talent. Today I thought about doing Write or Die. It was too horrifying to think about more than a couple of seconds.
I need it to be the weekend already so I can really pound out some wordage. Husband is deer hunting for two weeks starting, um, like the 12th or something. Unlimited Nano time! Huzzah! I’m feeling pretty good, I’m ahead of the game right now.
I keep freaking out about that word counter and I have to keep reminding myself the characters will come through. They will give me a story. Stop freaking about the words and tell a story. Easier said than done. They are great characters though. Bless them.
Remember to breathe. Twenty-eight days to go, 46,000 words. Piece. Of. Cake.