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Times Fuh-lies

We’re more than halfway through the month? You’re joking, right? Where did the time go?
I stay pretty busy with the cataloging stuff. When Friday rolls around, I look at my little office and go, crap, what did I do all week?! There’s still too much stuff to do!
I’m finally over that blasted cold, though I have the lingering cough and some phlegm that won’t leave me be. This has made NaNo interesting this year because there were days when I absolutely didn’t feel like writing anything. Today I’m ahead a hundred words. I think I can squeeze in a few more before it’s over. For some reason I assumed this would be a cake walk. Wrong.
While cake walk is too–forgive the pun–sweet of a description, it’s not been all that bad. I’m discovering lots of things that save my plot. I introduced the male character who stars in the third novel without meaning to, but it’s okay, he fits in nicely. And it doesn’t leave that “conveniant” oh-they-met-on-the-airship-but-the-writer-didn’t-want-to-write-a-forward-so-the-reader-just-gets-to-assume-it’s-true taste in your mouth. You know what I mean. The part where they just automatically know each other for conveniance. Which is how it started, because I have started the third one. I’m not vey far along in it. I’m considering doing Jano, a local writer’s group’s version of NaNo. D’you realize (of course you don’t) that with SPW being 50000 words and TCS (that’s The Charlatain’s Sweetheart) being considered at 50000 words, I have to go back and puff THL up as well. It’s, what’s that counter over there say? Twenty-five or twenty-eight? You can see I didn’t mean to write a trilogy.
Eleven days left of NaNo, I’m far, far behind where I was last year, but I still have faith. If it was as short of THL, it’d be done. But it’s not. I still have time. I’m doing this.
Happy Birthday, Daddy. I miss you and love you. I imagine you and some of the guys you knew from work are having on hell of a cook out today.
Robert Cox