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Wicked Week Two

Ugh. Week two of NaNo hasn’t been so kind to me. In fact, it’s been downright vicious. It’s supposed to be, that’s what all those pep talks tell you. Week two, the writing stops being fun, you have serious doubts about the story and you think either a) there’s a better time to write this story or b) what’s it going to hurt if I chuck this? Okay, true, true and true.
I don’t hate SPW. I love van Buren, but Sophie sure has been giving me some grief. Oh, I want to toss her off the deck of the airship four levels up myself. Somehow van Buren is much more patient with her than I. No matter what she does, he remains diligent in his belief that she’s going to stop acting like a spoiled brat and become his elegant, civilized wife.
Last night I got my reward for believing him. Twenty-two thousand words, ninety pages, instead of van Buren flying into a rage at her or stalking off to kill his arch enemy, they give in to their passion and truly become man and wife. Wow. Okay, when I wrote THL (formerly The Rainbow Serpent, right?) I fully intended to have some sex in it. Man and woman, alone in the Australian wilderness, bound to happen. It didn’t. Oh, Romy used her feminine wiles, and near the end they come close, but they put the urge aside in order to discover the serpent’s lair. So, with that in mind, I chose to skip sex in SPW. That’s going to hurt my word count a bit. But since I have no idea why I’m writing a trilogy at all, I guess it doesn’t matter (right now) if there’s sex.
Week two has been difficult. On Friday last week I got this irritation in my throat. It turned into a bad sore throat. Which turned into aching facial pain and fatigue. Must… keep… writing… sleep… is… evil…. All I wanted to do was sleep. Aching facial pain turned into a fountain of runny nose. I did my best Sunday and Monday to meet my word count. I called in sick to work Monday and went to the doctor. I don’t go to the doctor. Unless I think I’m dead or dying. You can see my determination to get better here. Sore throat disappeared, fatigue, runny nose and headache did not. I was far enough ahead that falling behind a bit didn’t hurt me. It’s catching up now. Today: write-in. This week has been something of waste. I feel all rightish when I get up. By noon I’m ready to crawl back into bed. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve coughed, I’d be rich. I’d still feel like hell, but I’d have lots of money. Do I feel like attending a write-in? No. Do I need to get ahead in my word count. Yes. Am I contagious? No. Good news for someone, anyway.
Am I going to win NaNo this year? Duh. Sickness be damned. We have the second novel in a trilogy to finish! So I managed THL in a week and a half. Well, that was in April when I felt really, really good. This one, it can have a month because I feel really, really crappy. Thank God for the write-ins. Last year attending one really got me over the 20k word bump. It’s happening again this year. I just know it.