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I Might Need a Support Group or an Intervention

Hi. My name is Allison and I can’t stop writing. Not that it’s, you know, a bad thing, but it interfers with–and how–editing. I don’t want to edit. I just don’t want to. You can’t make me, but you know what I can–and am going to–do? I’m going to keep writing and I am! And you can’t stop me, so don’t even try. There, on the right side, is a new Progress-O-Meter. And it has a title and a word count. And you can’t stop it from being there. So there is it. Treacherous Tumbles, which is kind of a dumb name, granted, but right now that’s the title and you can’t–well, I think you get the point. My all-new novella, Treacherous Tumbles, is rolling right along. Not quite the way I thought it ought to and not nearly as fast as TRS poured onto the pages, but rolling. I’m half-afraid the hero is less than appealing, because he’s a narcissistic jerk and the heroine is so hung up on him I couldn’t cut her away with an Exact-o knife. Part of his jerk thing is that he loves women and there are a coup…