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Winter Blues? Never!

Monday night we had wintry weather. Ick. I hate winter. Except that I don't feel as bad about leaving my head stuck in the computer for hours at a time like I do during summer. Seems like such a shame to waste pretty weather.

Pretty weather was about the furthest thing from my mind Monday evening. Husband plows snow for the state when, you know, there is snow to plow. So he was off doing his thing and my computer was begging to be typed on. What's a girl to do when left along for an entire evening?

A regular girl probably paints her toe-nails, mixes up a facial or watches a chick flick, but this girl opened a new document file and fixed up a query letter. But wait! I didn't stop there; I wrote a synopsis too. Take that Shoulder Devil and Evil Editor! And I cleaned up the first three chapters so that when I start the hunt for an agent, I have a partial.

No fooling around in 2011. Whatever your excuse is, it's just an excuse. Look at me. I don't set goals. Goals are for overachievers. I have a declaration. Now I'm following through.


  1. I personally hate the Shoulder Devil and Evil Editor!! Bravo!

    Who would want to be a 'regular' girl when you can be a writer?

    Enjoyed the blog.


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