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Awesomeness X2

That's you. And you and you. Yes, it's you too. You're awesome X2 because you voted for your favorite out-of-this-world and into one similar to ours, novel in the Contest Junkies contest. That's even an awesome X2 for those of you who don't know and/or love me. They're still accepting entries for that BTW, you should check it out. What have you go to lose? It's free.

Beyond that, I want to throw in another contest I'm participating in. The 140 character pitch to agent Suzie Townsend at Shelley Watters' blog coming to you April 3rd. Man, this is a toughie, but so worth the prize. Better hurry, because you'll really need to wrack your brains on this one.

Speaking of brain wracking, I was trying to meditate earlier today based one what a gal on the radio said. Imagine a white room with nothing in it. But I imagined me in it, because obviously wouldn't I have to be there to see it? Then I wondered what I'd be wearing, so I imagined a white…

We Interrupt This Hot Man Fest to Bring You An Important Announcement

Seriously, I'll get back to hot alpha men next week. At this time I want to point out that a certain novel needs some votes at the Contest Junkies website to help it earn a critique from none other than an editor at Carina Press, where my little ol' heart longs for that novel to be published. Here's the link: Contest Junkies Writing Entries.

While you're at it, have you really appreciated the fine layout of this blog? Take a look around, something might catch your eye. *Looks innocently to the right*

Triple A - Part 1

And I'm not talking about car insurance. I'm talking about alpha males. Alpha, alpha, alpha. Join me for a three part alpha male fest guaranteed to make your heart pitter-pat. ;)
I've been doing a lot of thinking about the third installment of whatever this crazy series I'm working on is. *sigh* Yes, I know I'm supposed to be editing The Treasure Hunter's Lady because I make the declaration that I would, but. . . my brain runs in all directions.
THL is balanced by an alpha hero and a heroine who definitely has an alpha streak, but one little look from those whiskey-colored eyes and she melts. They make each other work. The hero, Abel, finds his breakthrough in the heroine and gets in touch with his omega side. Very nice. The second story in the series, The Sky Pirate's Wife, is dominated by Captain van Buren, who had his dreams crushed, so he builds a shell around himself and becomes very, very alpha. I'd be hard pressed to say whether I liked the good ca…

Believable Voices

(Disclaimer: The following article is my opinion, solely my opinion, and I mean no harm by it.)

I'm a huge reader. Love it. I read lots of things, but not everything. I almost never pick up non-fiction unless it's Civil War-related, animal related, or on Wikipedia. Of late I've been reading a few things outside my reading comfort shell. A co-worker suggested a cozy mystery. I don't read mysteries because I'm never able to guess who-dunnit. As in never. Seriously. Sometimes I would play the Lotto bingo games and to this day have never won. I can't guess who the murderer is. I guess I lack a gene or something. So I don't read those because frankly, I don't care. I read this one. It's called Murder Past Due. To sum it up, it's about a widower part-time librarian at a college in Mississippi who goes nosing in on a murder because his housekeeper's daughter is the stand-in investigator.

The author is a woman and she's chosen to tell this stor…

The Thing I'm Not Talking About

As children, most of us fear the monster in the closet. Or under the bed. The one under the bed really scared me. My parents tried to tell me we left all the monsters behind in Oklahoma when we moved. I'm fairly certain that is a lie. If it isn't, I'd like to issue an apology to the people of my generation and those who follow after. There are an abundance of monsters left for you. Put something heavy in front of your closet door and pull the covers up to your ears.

Wow, childhood fears. What a hoot. Let's move on to adult fears. I'm not talking about slow metabolisms or wrinkles. Car insurance or how are we going to pay for Timmy's college? No, something even more frightful than that. The thing every writer is talking about. Rejection. *shudder*

The thing I'm not talking about, which is the thing every writer is talking about, is my rejection. No, no, no. Not every writer is talking about my rejection. God, that would be humiliating. It went a little somet…

Weta Nichols Writing Contest

Hey all, it's that time again! Time for the annual Weta Nichols Writing Contest. You can enter. Yes, you! You should enter. What have you got to lose?

Last year I got an honorable mention in the contest. This year, it could be you! (Because I intend to win! Ha!) Here are the deets. Follow the link to register and submit your entry.

The 2011 Weta Nichols Writing Contest

Deadline May 16th, 2011. Any manuscripts received after that will be disqualified.

Please read guidelines carefully and fill out the electronic entry form at the bottom of this page when submitting.


-After completing the entry form below and paying the entry fee through the PayPal account, submit the first ten pages of your unfinished or finished novel (no short stories please) to

-You do not have to be an ORA member to enter the contest.

- Send as an attachment in .doc format with one inch margins all around, double spaced, in 12 pitch Times New Roman font.

- Please send …