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Awesomeness X2

That's you. And you and you. Yes, it's you too. You're awesome X2 because you voted for your favorite out-of-this-world and into one similar to ours, novel in the Contest Junkies contest. That's even an awesome X2 for those of you who don't know and/or love me. They're still accepting entries for that BTW, you should check it out. What have you go to lose? It's free.

Beyond that, I want to throw in another contest I'm participating in. The 140 character pitch to agent Suzie Townsend at Shelley Watters' blog coming to you April 3rd. Man, this is a toughie, but so worth the prize. Better hurry, because you'll really need to wrack your brains on this one.

Speaking of brain wracking, I was trying to meditate earlier today based one what a gal on the radio said. Imagine a white room with nothing in it. But I imagined me in it, because obviously wouldn't I have to be there to see it? Then I wondered what I'd be wearing, so I imagined a white tunic and carpi's. Then my overactive imagination started playing with the hem of the carpi's as I sat lotus-style on the white floor while I worried about whether the floor was carpeted, concrete or wood. So much for that exercise.