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Triple A - Part 2

Is that not the coolest hat?
Long promised and not forgotten. Yours truly brings you a character based on a true story this time. Defiance is the movie. Zus Bielski is the hero. Played by super-hottie Liev Schreiber. Zus and his brothers formed the Bielski partisan. The partisan protects other Jewish refugees from the Nazis in the Białowieża Forest all while vowing to avenge the murder of their family.

My husband hated this movie because like everyone else probably thought, he assumed Daniel Craig was really going to kick some tail. I mean, dude's on the cover of the box, right? Mr. Schreiber was the real star in this movie. Okay, fine. I just think he's hot and he made one hell of a take-charge alpha. Let's move on.

Zus has a fight with Tuvia and leaves to join the Soviet partisan, who agreed to protect the Jews in exhange for supplies. Winter comes. There isn't enough food for the refugees, the camp is full of sickness and spirits are generally down. Tuvia's leadership is in question over all this misery. Obviously there's constant news that the Nazis are killing the Jews left and right. When news comes that the Nazis are going to attack the camp, the refugees flee, leaving on some people behind to slow down the ground troops. This meager attempt at defense doesn't last long before Asael, another of the brothers calls it off and they leave to rejoin the camp. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Tuvia starts to attack the German soldiers. All of the sudden, here comes Zus with a band of Soviet partisan soldiers who have apparently, gosh, 'abandoned their posts' seems like a harsh way to put it... um, they want to help and they didn't ask permission. With the help of the Soviets, the Jewish people are able to fight off the Nazis and escape further harm.

Sadly, the Jewish refugees continued to live in the forest for two more years and a total of about 1,200 people came to stay there.

I hate war movies. I hate action movies with no plot. And you already know I don't read non-fiction unless it involves the Civil War or animals. So, how much of this movies is fiction? Well kids, it's a Hollywood script. Bunches and bunches. But... hottie on a tank who whamps the bad guys? He has a serious drool factor. It's not just the tank that makes him an alpha. Zus clearly wanted to do something avenge his family (which included his parents and a wife and baby), while putting a stop to the slaughter of his people. Young, devastated and headstrong, Zus struck out on his own. He didn't have to go back and save his brothers. Here's your alpha with that warm, fuzzy spot for his family. No matter what else happens to him, the alpha always does what's right. He will fight battles bigger than himself to defend the little guy. And he will win a place in our hearts because of his ability to know the right thing to do, not matter what he did to hurt or disappoint us in the past.