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When Life Jumps Up and Bites Your Butt

World turning - check, sun shining - check (well, it did this afternoon, but it's dark now), pulse pulsing - check. So ends my (scant) hope of winning a full MS request from Suzie Townsend. It carked it Friday evening when I recieved a reject from her. Gee, waste much time on that fekking 140 character pitch? Well, not really. No big loss, right? You can still check out the other writer's entries at Shelley Watters' blog. There are some really good ones. Good luck to those folks. Thanks for the comments, I've never had more viewers that I did entering this contest. That was a plus at least.

When life jumps up and bites your butt, you have to figure out a way to go on. I'm considering several options at this point. Like not setting THL in Australia. I'm currently researching Native American serpent legends and I may very well edit the novel to set it in America. I'm also thinking extremely seriously about chucking the first chapter, but I have no idea how to start a new one. First chapters blow. Hard. Like a hurricane. And I'm also still having difficulty describing the genre. I get a headache just thinking about genre-descriptions.

I kind of want to crawl in a hole and stay subterranial for a couple of months. If only there weren't bugs and snakes below ground. Butt. Bitten. Hard.