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Short. Sweet.

I won't take up much of your time. Not that I've been hogging it or anything. Last post was a while ago. That's okay, it had pictures.

What am I up to? Working on an entry for the Missouri Literary Festival Short Fiction Contest. This is a tough one because it has to be Civil War related. I wrote a special story for it, but I'm wavering on parts of it.

Also, there's still time to enter the Weta Nichols Writing Contest. I'm trying to finish up editing my second entry today. I don't have any faith in it, poor thing, but I want to do it any how.

Speaking of that, the conference is coming up and they're offering slots to pitch to Louse Fury at the L. Perkins Agency and Lia Brown from Avalon. I'm working on a pitch myself while polishing that novel and its raggedy edges.