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Allison to the Rescue

I completely forgot to regale you with the awesome tale of how I saved a life. What was I thinking?
The week of my misery-fogged life following my layoff, I was driving one evening and I saw this white thing in the road. My eyeball was being a real pain in the you-know-where and I thought it was one of those little white terrier dogs. I can’t remember what they’re called.
Little doggy didn’t move as my car barreled toward it. So I slowed down and saw it was a pomeranian. I love pomeranians! I opened the car door and said, “Come here, puppy!” It responded by coming to me, wagging it’s tail and I picked it up. I know, I know, you should never pick up strange dogs, but really, it weighed like twenty pounds, I doubt it was going to mangle me.
Little doggy crawled under my legs, a hazardous position when I’m trying to drive, but I took her home and told Husband about her. I thought I knew whose dog she was, because she looked like a dog I’d seen on someone’s porch when I went for a walk one day. Clearly she was unhappy to be with us because she kept wandering around and crying. She cried all night long.
I went to the house I suspected she came from, but this big black dog was in their yard and there was a sign hanging on the fence that said BEWARE OF DOG, so I turned around and left.
Very oddly, she got along fine with Cooter, but she hated PeeWee and Mungo. Cooter hates other girl dogs, but I think she thought this giant ball of fluff would eat her alive or something. She was a good dog, always went outside to potty, but she was very anxious. I called her Bear Fat because she had the cutest little bear face and she was really fat. Makes sense, no?
I think she even got used to me calling her that because she’d look at me when I said it. Three days we had this dog and I’m going crazy because it cries all night long. The on Craigslist, we found a posting for a missing pom and a pic. It was Bear Fat. And there was a reward.
Long story short, Bear Fat, whose real name is Chloe, got home to her people (who probably hate us because we spoiled that dog rotten by feeding it people food) and I got a check for $50. Chloe’s owner was frantic because they’d had her since she was a tiny baby. I hope someone would save Cooter or PW if they wandered into the road. Some people will run over little dogs just for meanness. I didn’t do it for money though, I just don’t like to see little dogs get squished in the road. But if the rewards were always that good, I would “rescue” little dogs from the road every week. I’m glad Bear Fat found her home though, because she drove me nuts with the crying.