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I Might Need a Support Group or an Intervention

My name is Allison and I can’t stop writing.
Not that it’s, you know, a bad thing, but it interfers with–and how–editing. I don’t want to edit. I just don’t want to. You can’t make me, but you know what I can–and am going to–do? I’m going to keep writing and I am! And you can’t stop me, so don’t even try.
There, on the right side, is a new Progress-O-Meter. And it has a title and a word count. And you can’t stop it from being there. So there is it. Treacherous Tumbles, which is kind of a dumb name, granted, but right now that’s the title and you can’t–well, I think you get the point.
My all-new novella, Treacherous Tumbles, is rolling right along. Not quite the way I thought it ought to and not nearly as fast as TRS poured onto the pages, but rolling. I’m half-afraid the hero is less than appealing, because he’s a narcissistic jerk and the heroine is so hung up on him I couldn’t cut her away with an Exact-o knife. Part of his jerk thing is that he loves women and there are a couple in here that want to… hehe, love him to death.
Just a smidge of research went into this. I got the idea while I was reading about folklore. I love folklore, it’s a great idea builder. Hell, I’m just glad I feel like writing again. Even if the hero and heroine are being kind of stupid to each other. He tried to apologize, but he messed it up and put his foot in his mouth, as usual. Eh, it’s all part of his “charm”.
Happy writing. To me. Happy editing to you. Or writing or whatever.