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Camp NaNoWriMo

So who's in? Thinking about your first novel? Second, third? Hundredth? Camp NaNoWriMo started this month (without my knowledge and I'm miffed, seriously, there was no update on FB, no e-mail when I usually get all kinds before regular NaNo). It's also going on in August, so I didn't totally miss my chance. You can still jump in or you can just fill out your profile, which is what I did. I guess I'm writing the third story in my fantasy Victorian/steampunk romance whatever-you-call it series. I feel guilty because The Sky Pirate's Wife need so much work on the plot.

I haven't done much writing this year. Last year I wrote three books, although two of them were pretty short. This year I've added 30k to THL and written a short story. Sometimes you just feel guilty about things. Like I knew THL needed a lot of editing and some revising and that meant there wasn't going to be much writing. I gave it six months to get the edits done. I'm really close to being done now. I want to write, but that guilt-schtick is making it difficult to formulate a proper plot. When I think about how poorly the plot turned out in SPW, I start to wonder if doing NaNo is even a good idea. I didn't have time to work out all of it and it suffered.

Don't get me wrong, I think novel in a month is a great idea, especially for writers who tend to drag. It forces you (as long as you feel really dedicated) to get a set number of words out a day. That's a really great goal. Even if it's pure crap, hey, at least you're getting something done. Somewhere is a good place to start.

Also, for giggles, let me remind you that the Ozarks Romance Authors annual conference is *gasp* a mere two weeks away. Sorry, kids, you missed the deadline for the reduced ticket price, but hey, what's five bucks either way, really? Because I guarantee you'll have fun and learn lots of interesting things and you'll meet lots of people with the same interest as you--writing. What's more fun than sitting in a nice, air-conditioned conference talking about your awesome book or your awesome ideas for a book with other people who "get it"? Okay, besides eating a great catered lunch and getting cool goody-bags. So go, sign up now! Hurry!