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My Top 5 Conference Highlights From Years Past

I only do the one conference a year. You know the one: Ozarks Romance Authors. I'm pretty excited about it because I get to spend all day surrounded by other writers talking about writing. I'm not a big talker (oh, no, I'm a rambler). Especially in situations where I don't know a lot of people. I mostly watch others and listen in on their conversations, which will likely lead to me hearing something bad about myself someday. I like to sit in the back so's I can see everyone, although sometimes people do have big hair.

This will be my third ORA conference, so last night I was thinking about some of my favorite ORAcon moments.

#5 - 2010 - Memories of sitting at the registration table. There was a really pretty pink lily on the table that stank horribly. All day I was going, what is that SMELL? I prayed it wasn't me. I'm pretty sure I even checked the bottom of my shoes just to be safe.

#4 - 2010 - Attending the author's dinner. I had an orange creamsicle drink. Which is made with vodka. I think I was the only person at the table enjoying vodka. Everyone else went with wine. Doesn't take much to get me tipsy, but I managed not to slap the table to bring home a comment, point belligerently at anyone, dance in my seat or on the table, or even walk to the bathroom like a drunken sailor. Hey, I know my limits. (Note to self: avoid vodka. I had a splitting headache when I got home. I like vodka, it doesn't like me.)

#3 - 2009-2010 - Food! I will always go where the food is. The ladies at ORAcon always bring in tons of delicious treats, plus we have a catered lunch. Yummy!

#2 - 2009 - I stopped at Wal-Mart to get some yummy treats. I'm all dressed up in my writer's finery (I was wearing make-up!) and the cashier asks me what my plans are for the day. I told him I was on my way to a writer's conference. He looked up at me, grabbed my hand and started shaking it. "Are you famous?" he asked. Puzzled, I took my change and said no. Then he said, "But you will be!" Hey, cashier man, I'm holding you to that.

#1 - 2010 - Last year's president was looking at me. Remember, I'm sitting in the back by the stinky flower. She says my name. As in, I won an award says my name. Yeah, I caught an honorable mention. Got to walk up the aisle and stand in front of a bunch of people after pretty well hiding all day. A short walk, but a sweet victory. I doubt anyone was as surprised as me. Excellent conference moment.

So, I'm plugging ORAcon one more time. You want to be part of the moment (don't you want to wave at me while I accept my award this year [that's the power of positive thinking talking]?). We're having great speakers such as published authors like Shannon Butcher, Eliza Lloyd, Shannon Vannatter, and Leigh Michaels. We're having an agent, Louise Fury from L. Perkins Agency. We're having an editor, Lea Brown from Avalon. We're having yummy treats and catered lunch. Hopefully no one will have to sit next to a stinky flower this year, but don't count that out. It's all part of the experience.