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Stuff I Find While I'm Walking - Episode 2

 Unfortunately and like so many people, my brain gets in the way of honest-to-God thinking sometimes. I get so excited about going for a walk that I forget to bring a camera. So today's SIFWIW has photos from last week. But they're still cool pictures, of course.

As many of you are aware, particularly if you're interested in the Civil War, this year is the 150th anniversary of it's beginning. It's also the 150th year since the Battle of Wilson's Creek. The national park is close to my heart as I had relatives living just north of the battle zone in 1861. You can't help but wonder if they listened to the cannons from the front of their porch or if they huddled, fearing for their lives while the Union soldiers marched by, in the confines of their house.
Restless and her doggy-grin
You might remember from last time that I brought a dog with me, a dog who had no name. She has a name now. You can thank the dog formerly known as Daisy, but currently known as Restless, for keeping me safe from vicious squirrels along the trail. That's a picture of her from Hayes Spring CA, but I didn't take a new one, so it will have to do. Look at that smile. So precious. You can almost hear her saying, "Ah chased off a skwerell, heehee."
Osage-orange, not crab apple

Our first item of interest is down the trail marked Gibson's Trail at point of interest #1 on the battlefield map, which you can access at the park's website. It's of tree origin and something I seldom see, maybe because I haven't looked. An Osage-orange tree. I have been mistakenly calling this a crab apple tree for--well, forever. Thank you Wikipedia for informing me of it's real name. You can learn more about the Osage-orange tree there too.

Close up and a stink bug. Eew.
I have to admit, I've had a membership to Wilson's Creek for two years, but never explored any trail other than Gibson's. It's called that because it goes past Gibson Mill and homestead, on the banks of Wilson's Creek. There are horse trails and walking trails, but they prefer you keep your bicycles on the road. I rarely ever see hikers on the little trails, though they follow the Old Wire Road trail on occasion. Most walkers also take the road. It hurts my calves to go very far on the pavement. I don't know if it's because I'm so out of shape or if I'm just whiny. But I do know there's little shade along the road, so I like to stick to the woods.

Tricksy plant.
As we reached the halfway point between Gibson Trail and Old Wire Road, we stumbled upon that cool Osage-orange tree and this rather interesting plant-thing. MDC  tells me it's common milkweed. I was calling it the plant-thing with pointy, furry flowers. Huh. It actually has a name. Hey, I have dog named Restless because she's full of energy. What do you expect?

Last, but not least for your viewing pleasure, my favorite photo of the day: A black-eyed Susan. I love the way it's so yellow against the green and brown grass in the the middle of the path. So refreshingly bright, I just had to snap a picture.
Until next time, happy walking and writing!


  1. Love your pictures. You make me wish I could hike. I'm lucky to walk to the bathroom on time these days. So I will continue to hike vicariously through your photos. Wanda


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