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Day in the Life of a Muse

For your viewing pleasure, I bring you an artist's *cough, cough* rendition of my muse. It was entirely too good to keep to my FB account.

He's little bit like Hemingway in that he likes to drink and fish. Other than that, eh, not much resemblance. But he's hell on the internal menace known as Evil Editor, the voice of doubt that tells me I'm not a good writer.

I mean, look, that cow is wearing white shoes with a red dress. What was she thinking? And Lief shaved for the occassion. All the better to sneak up on evil.

After a long day, our boy Lief retires to his island home to fish and think of stories to tell me. Way to go, Lief.


  1. Me thinks you need to get back to editing since your muse defeated your inner critic.

  2. A great plan, except I left my flash drive at work last night, so I couldn't edit anything. I hope I didn't do it subconsciously.

  3. LOL...LOL, I want Lief as my muse!!! I love his uni brow and his scruffy stubble, but where's his eye patch?

  4. Oh, man. I hope he doesn't need an eye patch any time soon. That might take away from his ability to destroy the EE when she rises. It occurs to me that I don't know why he doesn't have a mouth though.

  5. I wonder if Lief will let me use his island as a writer's retreat...

  6. Something about that sweet little shack and the smiling sun just screams "Paradise!" The tree on the other hand....


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