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The Friday Five

Everyone else is doing it, I think I'll jump on the wagon.

Aren't you in for a treat? Today I'll tell you a list of five things (do lists seem gimicky to you? I'm trying not to let it drive me crazy) that randomly popped into my brain. For the record, although I have no idea if this is true, I once learned that the human brain can think about seven things at once.

Moving on because your day isn't random enough without a couple of thoughts from me.

#1) Justin Beiber has perfume for women (and I wouldn't be caught dead buying it, much less sniffing it). I think I shall invent cologne for men. I will call it Splurge. It's motto will be 'because she's worth it'. Never mind that that's probably some other product's motto. That implies that he is splurging on cologne so he can smell nice for her, ergo doing them both a favor. Brilliant, no? Great, now someone is going to steal my idea.

#2) Why do they put half dust jackets on books? Too cheap to put one on that will fit? For starters it looks ridiculous and for enders, it's incredibly difficult to put plastic over if you're going to put it on a shelf in a library. I want to throw it away, but it has the blurb on it. Also, labels that are impossible to peel off the book jackets. That's just evil.

#3)  I'm highly interested in cryptozoology. One of my favorite fake creatures is the Florida skunk ape. My husband will tell you tales about the creature from Fouke, Arkansas near Texarkana that was the subject of the movie The Legend of Boggy Creek. Although his familial home is far from there, he swears he's seen cows ripped apart, strange foot prints and heard "things that just ain't right" and are probably the result of a little swig of 'shine. The WIP I'm dabbing at right now will involve an evil creature from ancient times. Thank you people who believe in things like this and publish it on the web. Here's a list of cryptids from Wikipedia. The image is the Jersey Devil, by the way, not the critter from Boggy Creek. He remains elusive, yet it would be unwise to approach him unarmed. He will reach through bathroom windows to terrorize you while you're on the pot. The Jersey Devil on the other hand will most likely eat you or something. Confusing the two could result in... well, nothing as neither truly exist. Or do they?

#4) A quote I wish I had thought of so I could use it in my own novels:

Operative: "Do you really believe that?"
Mal: "I do."
Operative: "You willing to die for that belief?"
Mal: "I am."
From Serenity. I could fancy that up a little bit and use it in THL, if it wasn't plagarism and all. 

#5) Last but not least the Civil War Story I wrote for the Missouri Literary Festival Civil War Short Story Challenge is up for voting. It's the one titled Best Laid Plans. I encourage you to vote for me because I have magic powers. And if you do not vote for me, I will sent green hairy monsters and flying monkeys into your nightmares. In these nightmares, they will weep and wail because you didn't vote for me. Trust me. You don't want crying monsters of any type in your dreams. (Disclaimer: I really don't have magic powers. Green hairy monsters and flying monkeys are not in my budget, therefore not at my bidding to enter the dreams of anyone. Also, a picture of real monsters and flying monkeys wasn't in the budget either. Due to time constraints, the management of this blog had to substitute a teddy bear for a monkey. All complaints may be issued to the Department of Nooneislisteningtoyourcomplaints.)


  1. Sigh. I heart Serenity. And fake creatures. And lists.

    But not Bieber and 1/2 dust jackets.

  2. I heart Serenity, fake creatures and lists too. Bieber could fall off the planet and I would never notice except to skip over the article about it in PEOPLE. I still don't know what to do with this 1/2 dust jacket on this book that I'm supposed to catalog. The book was really good, by the way, it's called Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson.


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