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The Value of Writing Prompts

My lack of enthusiasm for writing this week stems from computer issues. I wanted a new computer so bad I'd do anything to get my hands on one. Oh, I got it all right. Right along with a processing error straight out of the box. Swapped that one out for another of the same model. The Word program is giving me difficulty. I can't open any of the files from my flash drive on the new computer. Sure, I can open a new document and write a new file and those work just fine, but what good is that going to do when I need the stuff saved on the flash drive? For all this difficulty, I'm expecting giant, bountiful miracles somewhere else in my life.

All this leaves me with zero desire to turn on a computer. Which for a writer, is bad. I have a ker-jillion ideas floating around in my head to write down. But sometimes I need a break from those ideas. It's nice to put away something that I think about a lot during the day and look at something different. Someday I think I might like to try another contemporary. With a writing prompt, I can choose a scenario, write a scene and either think on it some more of file it away for the day I might really write a contemporary. Same with any genre.

It feels good to get immersed in something different. Historical fiction is my first love, followed closely by steampunk, which allows me to color outside the lines, but on occasion, I need something really close to home or something way to bizarre to even contemplate writing a novel. Maybe I have too much free time....

Whether you've found yourself in a slump and haven't a clue what to write next, or you need an idea to get the juices flowing on your WIP, try a prompt. These little ideas might lead to your next big scene, a great plot twist or a fantastic short story.

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