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A Woman's Prerogative

So I’ve made up my mind. Again. Sort of. After long internal battles and lots of procrastination and that stupid fortune cookie that said something about maintaining goals and keeping courses…yadda yadda, I decided to take it’s advice. Who knows it might be right, right?
I’m going to…send the first three chapters to Mills and Boon. Without rewriting the beginning. I am, however going to rewrite the end, but that’s inconsequential at the moment. By February 1st, 2010 I will, hand to God, send it. Results be damned, it’s going. If the moon plummets to the earth as a result, well, I’m sorry in advance. If angry birds and King Kong try to assimilate and kill all other life forms, well, sorry again. I told my husband and he said, good, it’s about time you stopped whining about it. Gee, thanks honey.
And I have a 1,000 what-if’s running through my mind. Know what? I did when I submitted “For Everything A Time” to the Missouri Literary Festival, too. Got second, didn’t it? Reckon a man could live his whole life on “what-if”, but then nothing would ever get gone. Sometimes you just have to drop the envelope or push the ‘send’ button.
There it is, in black and white (not literally, of course), The Convict & the Cattleman will no longer just be fluttering around my flash drive. Now, got to get editing that second and third chapter.