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You Can't Find Stuff If You Aren't Walking

I feel really bad about not finding stuff. Last week the heat was unbelievable. That's not true. It was hot in southwestern Missouri, but not hot like in Texas. Still, I dread seeing the electric bill next month. This week, as you know, I've been dealing with the computer issue. The new computer works great, provided you don't want to use Word. So I'm not. I did manage to get some research and some editing done. Yay! The word count isn't up much. Yet.

As you may or may not know, I'm undertaking the (backbreaking) task of converting The Treasure Hunter's Lady from one country to another. It's all about the detail. I don't know if you've ever attempted to edit two novels that are almost the same at once time, but I assure you, it's kind of a pain the butt. If I could hop in my trusty time travel machine, I would go back to April 2010, wake myself from a solid sleep with a hefty shake and say, "Hey, you dope, write about America."

Until future me invents a time machine and comes back to tell current me about it and lets me (who will actually be another version of future me, but a past me to her), I'm out of luck. So while the weather is nice, I haven't been walking. I'll have to stick you with old pictures of stuff I found while I was walking. Again.

This is what it looks like. Part of a child's toy truck. Washed up in the creek bed at Hayes Spring CA. I found it partially submerged and rescued it, although I left it there because I don't really have any use for toy trucks, whether they're broken or not. Among other such items washed up in the creek bed, you'll find old bricks, tires,  glass worn down smooth, but very little paper or plastic. That's nice. I once found a braided friendship bracelet by the spring mouth. I figure a bird carried it there and dropped it.

That lovely flower was in bloom in mid-July by the spring mouth. My camera made it look a bit pinker than that it was, but it's still pretty. Looks like phlox to me, but I can't actually say that's what it is.

This interesting little guy is a--you guessed it--genuine four-leaf clover. Shaped like... a butterfly. As if it isn't unique enough. Rumor has it four-leaf clovers are so rare only 1 in 10,000 clovers have four leaves. Um, then why do I find them all the time? Like this one, which was in the very same patch? I buy that there were 20,000 clover there, but I don't buy that they're so rare.

Also, this is my third straight year of blogging, even though it's not the same blog. You can find posts from way back when in the archives section. Birthday cake for everyone! Happy walking and writing!