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The Friday Five

Why is it that a four day week seems longer than a five day week? I swear it takes twice the time to reach a weekend again. That doesn't seem fair at all. But we're here at least, so let's take a peek at five random things my brain found interesting on this Friday. Ooo, ooo, I know. How about random facts about writers?

Just walking up the drive
would wear me out.
#1) William Faulkner - Once refused a dinner invitation from President Kennedy at the White House. "Why that's a hundred miles away," he explained "That's a long way to go just to eat." I bet they lay out a mean buffet though.

#2) Louisa May Alcott - The first female writer who registered to vote. Louisa was a suffragette. She registered to vote in 1879 in Concord, New Hampshire.

#3) Victor Hugo - He suffered from writer's block while writing Les Miserables. In order to beat it, he had a servant take his clothes away because he figured the only thing he would be able to do naked was write. Um... I'll leave that one open.

#4) Ernest Vincent Wright - Wrote a novel called Gadsby. It's 50,000 words long and doesn't have a single E in it. Wright said his biggest challenge was avoiding verbs that end in -ed.

#5) Mark Twain (aka Samuel Clemens) - The first book ever submitted using a typewriter was Life on the Mississippi (1882). Many people claim it was The Adventures of Tom Sawyer--even Twain himself said that, although he admits he wasn't the one who typed it. The typewriter allegedly made him want to swear. Anyway, some research by Twain historians claim Life on the Mississippi was first.

Need more trivia?

Happy Friday! May your weekend embrace all that you hold dear and enjoy! Write on! And stuff!


  1. Loved the trivia. Especially loved the first one. Times were simpler and people were more practical.

  2. Think about hand writing a MS. I know people still do and there are times I very much wish I could get someone else to type for me. Lucky Mr. Twain.

  3. Cool trivia. I learned five things today, LOL. I write my rough drafts out long hand. Kinda stupid really when I have 3 working computers. Hmmm, guess I'm strange.

  4. I can't stand to write with a pen and paper anymore. It cramps my hands. Someday people won't even take notes with pens anymore, they'll all use computers or something smaller and sleeker. Amazing how far we've come and how frustrating technology is anyway!

  5. No wonder he was Les' Miserable! All those bits hanging out. Eww.

    Writing naked? All I'd think about is that I need to work out more. But force me to stay in my office with chocolate waiting on the other side as reward, no we're talking.

  6. I was waiting for someone to comment on the nakedness. Wouldn't you hate to be the editor who handled that MS? But then Douglas Adams talked about writing naked too. I think it's a man thing.

  7. I am forever jotting notes on random bits of paper. I don't think I'll ever tire of pen and paper. That said, I write faster on the computer.

  8. I still write by hand when I sit at the circulation desk. I think it looks like I'm not paying attention work if I have my netbook out there, but it takes me forever to get anything hand written.

  9. I have all kinds of sympathy for M.T. I always hated a typewriter, too, because I'm such a rotten typist. Always messing up then having to try to fix it with the chalk/tape, later White Out. Then giving up and typing it over. ARGG

    When computers came along, the first thing that endeared them to me was...the BACKSPACE key. YAAAYYY.

    Love the post, Allison. Great job.

  10. The first typewriter I remember using was a Brother and it had a screen so you could type on it, look at the words and then hit enter and it would type them. I used to type in all caps and my dad would get on to me, even way back then, for not typing write. Not that he could do any better!

  11. I feel smarter already! I guess it's normal not to like to travel just to eat. I'd rather eat popcorn for dinner every night.

  12. loved your post.I giggled about the naked obviously worked well. mmmm maybe I'll try it. LOL


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