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Stuff I Find While I'm Walking 7 - Retail Edition

It rained. And rained. And rained and rained this weekend. Which we needed, so I can't complain too much. But more than a little rain, it thunderstormed. A lot. Which makes for dangerous hiking conditions. Yours truly, rather than risk life and limb, brings you SIFWIW The Retail Edition. Indoor adventures can be fun too. It's wildlife, just a little less... wild. I cruised Bass Pro Shops for photos to entertain the masses. BPS's goal is to get you to buy guns, bows and fishing poles so you can shoot your own furry/finned friends and mount them on your walls. But they don't mind if you take photos of theirs.

Can I bum a light, pal?
You'll have to use your imagination a little bit, but take into account that this was once a real live raccoon. Here's little Rocky (you know, after the Beatles song) lounging peacefully on some driftwood alongside a pond filled with some kind of long nosed gar fish. No, he really is lounging beside a pond full of real live gar fish. The fish are alive and he's... less animated that he once was. Doesn't he look relaxed? Like he's taking a little vacation.

Stop throwing gum and coins at me!
And here we have a ruddy duck. I swear to you this a live animal. The only one in the whole blog with the exception of the human in the next photo, but this is, in fact, a male ruddy duck swimming in a glass pond that houses trout. There's a female in there too, I guess she's a ruddy duck. My knowledge of water fowl (or any kind of fowl) is pretty limited to "there's a duck!"

We're done here, right?
And this cheerful fellow is none other than my husband, smiling brilliantly at the camera. Oh, no! Look out, darling! There's a timber wolf behind you! (No humans or animals were harmed during this photograph, unless you count the fact that someone killed that wolf years ago, which probably didn't feel too good on the wolf's part.)

And this cheerful little guy is a little coyote (or if you're from around my neck of the wood, a ki-yoat). One of the mean scavengers of the backwoods, we lose pets (especially cats) to packs of ravaging coyotes quite frequently. Early evening and late at night you can hear their hoards of these flea-ridden mongrels howling like mad all across the hills. The Native Americans believed that coyote was a trickster. I have seen coyotes when they should've been napping and often something quirky will happen during the day. Aren't you terrified of this one, what with the ceiling tiles right above his head? He's just waiting to pounce on you from the store shelf. Gee. Terrifying.

And I leave you with this serpent, the harbinger of evil. Up close and personal. Of course, it's not a real snake, because if I was that close to a real snake without glass between us, I'd need new pants.

I tease about BPS wanting you to kill animals. They are, of course, big supporters of wildlife groups, land conservation and sanctuaries, and advocate catch-and-release programs. They host family events to get people more involved in nature and often bring in speakers to educate folks about fishing and hunting in moderation. I support getting people into nature and away from the PS3 too.

Happy travels, be they in wilderness or concrete jungle!



  1. Well, you did it again. This was a fun and entertaining read, hehehehe. I especially love the thrilled look on your husband's face.

  2. He always looks like that. You'd think smiling would kill him or something, but he swears he is smiling. In fact, he was smiling up until I pushed the clicker button on the camera. It's his Spidey-sense, knowing when to stop.

  3. Those animals at BPS freak me out.


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