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Stuff I Find While I'm Walking Episode 5 - Broke Down on the Side of the Road Edition

I spent my weekend in various locations, broke down on the side of the road. Hope everyone else did better. It was nice weather for it, I suppose.

We had an Ozarks Romance Authors meeting on Saturday. This year I'll be serving as the webmistress (I like it, sounds a little dirty) and the vice president. A big step for someone as goofy as I am, but I'll do my best or die trying. Well, maybe not die... Hells, I might be even good at it.

The fan motor burned up in my car. It was not doing well. Saturday after the meeting, husband and I are on our way to get a fan motor. We're four miles from the auto parts store and his truck goes "bluh!" We are stranded. On the side of the road. For two hours.

With nothing to look at but the hood
and a selection of ancient magazines
I've already thumbed through.
He was ranting about his POS truck. I'm muttering, "Shh, I'm trying to focus on this article in the six-month-old Missouri Conservationist about Billy Bob Tommy Joe Frank who caught a world record Goggly-Boggle bass." Or something. Husband's dad hauled the truck to his house where I spent the night with the parents-in-law. I suppose this is only fair, considering we spend the night at my mom's for Christmas every year and one weekend last month too.

We get the battery fixed. We go home. We are planning a trip to Roaring River when... the truck dies. We are stranded. On the side of the road. For two hours.

With landscapes like this. Ooo, a dead tree. That's not unusual.
He is really ranting now, but he knows what's wrong. The alternator is fried. We get a jump to go to the nearest O'Reilly's. I hate that store with a fiery passion born of ridiculously expensive auto part buying. And half the time, the parts don't even work.

We were fortunate enough to be across the road from a McDonald's. Here is our saving grace, the shining beacon of hope in a long day of sitting.

Can you hear the angels singing?
We go home to fix the car. The part doesn't work. Another ride to Springfield to get a part that does work from a store less irritating--Auto Zone. Bless them for being open on Labor Day. They may not know what a blinker for a '93 Ford Tempo is, but they have a fan motor for a '93 Ford Taurus. I kiss your rubber tire-smelling feet and gush with eternal gratefulness. Two hours later, the car is running. All is well. Sort of. Maybe this week I can go for a walk.


  1. Man, nothing I hate worse than driving all over hell's half acre.
    Seems you and I had something in common this long weekend--we spent most of it in a vehicle.

  2. I still managed to get a lot of writing done. It seems being broke down is a real inspiration. Gives me plenty of time to think!

  3. Hate car trouble, especially since I don't have a handy man around. Here's to hoping you got it all out of the way at one time. And congrats on getting some writing done. I took the whole weekend off, but now I'm thinking about digging out one of my works in progress from NaNo years past. I need to take my mind off New York for sure.

  4. Keep typing Wanda. She's going to want to see more! But don't forget to finish the one about the circus. I really want to read more of it!


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