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Stuff I Find While I'm Walking - Episode 6

Mondays are evil. I'm just sayin'. The answer to that evilness that is the beginning of the week, we'll look at some pictures. Yay! Taken at Old Wire Road CA.

I want you to know first off, that I saw the biggest spider. I tried valiantly to get a photo of the horrible monster, but my camera (naturally) would not take the picture. In all likelihood, the camera was as terrified as I was. It was big and black and had eight legs and eight eyes. Just awful. Which brings up to the first photo.

A snakeskin. A very good snakeskin, in fact. It's not often that you find them intact. Or out in the open. On a trail. Where humans are trying to find a little peace and relaxation from their otherwise stressful lives. Yo, snake. Take your nasty skin and go elsewhere. My husband asked why I didn't bring it home. Because I'm not touching that for love or money, that's why!

This is a ginormous anthill. To help you understand how ginormous, I photographed it next to my foot. Oh, to have some bug spray handy. I don't like ants. Or bugs. Or snakes or spiders. What do I like? Where are the friendly little deer and happy chipmunks? How come I keep finding nasty stuff? Nature, you are not very user friendly. Point of fact--there is a trail off the main trail. One mile, the information says. Cool, because the plan was to hike the four mile, nice, easy flat trail. This one mile trail is like 1/2 mile straight uphill and 1/2 mile straight downhill. On a path of loose dirt and rocks as big as my fist. When the dog is looking at you on the downhill side, going, okay this is kind of steep, you know you've made a boo-boo in trailblazing. My left leg is protesting every movement today.

Fortunately, neither of us rolled down that incline. We made it safely back to flat land and resolved not to go back up that way. It's a good thing Restless isn't a balky dog. I tried to get her to pull me up the hill, but it was no go on her part.

This is a thistle, in case you weren't sure. The bane of farmers everywhere, because they make hay bad, since cows won't eat them. Goats do, I think and probably donkeys (apparently Eeyore likes to eat them. That's a good enough reference for me). They're pretty, but spread like wildfire. I didn't kill that one. It's not my job to go around killing conservation plants.
One more photo and this one with two stern warnings. #1) Don't eat the red berries. Ever. I don't care how hungry you are. They are toxic. Birds can eat them, but you're not a bird, I don't care what you think. This is pokeweed. I've heard of people boiling the leaves and making salad out of it. Let me reiterate: don't do it. It's poison. You could die. Horribly. Folk medicine is a little... off. Way, way off, in fact. Warning #2) watch where you're stepping when you're taking photos because yours truly almost wandered into poison ivy because the dope wasn't paying attention while trying to grab a photo of pokeweed.
Dangers avoided: no snakebite, no spider bite, no poison ivy, no broken bones, sprained appendages.
Dangers encountered: ticks, near run in with poison ivy, steep mother of a hill.

Ugh, keep yourself away from ticks, go write something. Take safe pictures of puppies and kittens and flowers in your backyard.