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Stuff I Find While I'm Walking Episode 8

This Monday stuff rolls around too soon. Am I right? Of course I am. Lucky for you, there are weekend nature pictures. Huzzah. This weekend I tried to talk dear old husband into the Springfield Nature Center, but he wasn't having any. So it was back to Hayes Spring. I got to break in my awesome new fluorescent orange vest. Just in case someone mistakes me for a deer or turkey.

The spiders! You wouldn't believe the spiders I saw. And every time I tried to capture a spider on camera, the ever-lovin' thing would blink and say 'low battery'. I had some really great spider photo ops. But no! And I had one of this tiny, adorable little frog. It was so cute and ignoramus camera chooses not to take it. Geez. So instead, I have a couple of other, less creepy pics for you. Like this weedy-flower thing. Pretty pinky-purple, huh? Um, don't eat it because I mostly recommend not eating anything you find.

This here is a nifty rock that I must have passed a hundred times in the creek and never saw. Or they might've torn it out of the grown with the big bushhog they use to mow with. Either way, I spotted it and snapped it It probably used to have a hole in it, but now it has a big dip. It would make an awesome paper weight on a desk.

This one came out real nice, a photo of a big slab of limestone with a lot of other chunks of limestone all around it. There's a pretty deep pool of water with lots of little minnows and water bugs swimming in it. On the left, there's a pretty good sized web one of those funnel spiders built, but you can't see it very well in this shot. I just like how clear the water is. I stuck my fingers in to test the temp. Not bad. I was wearing jeans and not really inclined to wade today. Restless didn't seem to mind, she did a little wading.

Now I bring you this elusive cave I've talked about before. The one where the bats live. The one there is no amount of money large enough to convince me to go inside of. 'Cause I used to have frequent nightmares about being trapped inside of places too small for me to get out of. I don't do little spaces. Ever. Never. No way. Don't even think about asking.

But this picture came out exceptionally well. You can even see the grate the MDC put up in front of it to keep people out. Someone has taken great pains to make this cave and spring very nice. There are stacked rock walls all around it, a little rock dam that I crossed to get this photo and bricks lining the creek quite a ways down it. You could walk up to the cave and press your face to the grate if you wanted. I didn't want. Because I don't like bats, but more than that, I'd have had to knocked down a spider web to get there. No thanks.

I also had a picture of the cutest little brown frog you ever saw. The camera didn't take a single picture of it. So I drew a picture instead. A poor substitution, of course, but I did my best. He was on this concrete bridge, sitting on a brown sycamore leaf and looking scared to death because Restless almost stepped on him. He had the biggest, prettiest golden eyes. Which reminds me of a story.

When I was a wee child on vacation on year, my cousin and I were talking to this little boy who had a soft shell turtle in a bucket. We told my dad about it. He asked if we touched the turtle and my cousin admitted she had. I didn't because I'm a total girl. He said that we shouldn't have touched it because he knew a boy when he was a kid that got one of those turtles out of the river and he died horribly because it was poisonous. Needless to say, this scared both of us and we decided to go wash our hands thoroughly. And needless to say, my dad was full of bullpoop. To this day, I remain a total girl and seldom ever touch any kind of animal or plant that I don't recognize.

Beautiful time of year to get down to Hayes Spring because the weeds are down and you can get to a lot of places you can't get to in the summer.

Happy walking and soon you should be in for some foliage color-change photos. Not that I'm excited because that means the trees will be naked soon. Blugh!


  1. I love your nature walks! The cave is totally cool by the way--and like you, no amount of money would make me enter--bats or not. I don't like small, cramped spaces either.
    Your drawing of the little frog is cute. I love frogs, salamanders, turtles, lizards, snakes--although, if you do touch any of them, it is best to wash your hands. Frogs and salamanders secrete a substance that's yukky, and turtles and snakes can have salmonella.
    I hate spiders--I'm scared to death of them--but the weird side in me wished your camera did take pictures of them. I guess I like freaking myself out.


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