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Why I'm in Love with Thor

Can you say holy cow, that guy is stacked? I can. And not only was I going, wow those are some great man boobies! I was also thinking, that is the man that I want to play Alwin van Buren! He's huge! He's blond (techincally VB is dark-haired, but in my mind's eye, I always see him as a dark, dark blond. I will correct this when I get around to fixing that MS). His voice is deep. He's built just the way I picture an airship captain. Now I'm just dreaming, thinking about A Sky Pirate's Wife movie. That's probably not a really cool title for a movie anyway. Okay, back to my thoughts on the Marvel-ness that is Thor.

Ahem. I saw Captain America first. I was... disappointed. I love the setting, love the idea of an all-American hero. I hated the end (it was weak. Soooo weak) and frankly, I'm more than a little worried about Bucky. I watched The Hulk sometime after I got married, maybe a year or two after, so I haven't seen it in a while. It was...worse than bad. In the way that that guy made out of rocks from the Fantastic Four will never have his own movie bad. It's just that... nobody really likes you. Yes, Hulk smash and all that. Smashed your way right outta the top five movie list, didn'tcha, buddy?

No offense to Robert Downey Jr., but Iron Man 2 kind of bombed as well. I liked the first one, it was awesome. Second one, wow, can I have my $9 box office fee back? So let's just say I wasn't expecting a whole lot from Thor. The only redeeming quality I could see about The Avengers is that Joss Whedon is directing. I can only pray to THE writing muse of muses that I will someday create characters like his.

So Thor. Rich, spoiled immortal with awesome hair is about to become King of Asgard, one of the Nine Realms and probably in his less-than-humble opinion, the best Realm. But then somehow those nasty Frost Giants get in and Thor goes batsh#$. BTW, I gotta get me one of those Destroyer things. That was too cool. Odin, current king, says, no way, Thor. You are not going after the Frost Giants. Forget it, you're grounded and also, you're not going to be king now because you need an attitude adjustment, young man. Only meaner.

Thor is understandably ticked. Annoying (and ugly) little brother, Loki pipes up that the only way to find out how the FG's got into the kingdom is to defy Odin. He makes a half-hearted attempt to stop Thor, but the man is pretty well out the door already with his big, blood hungry friends. On the FG planet, Thor kicks butt, takes names and then almost gets his own handed to him. Papa Odin rides to the rescue. There's a shouting match and the banishment and you can see the cheerful little gleam in Loki's eye (under that stupid hat he's wearing). Boom. Thor lands on Earth. For the next fifteen-twenty minutes, he's busy getting hit by cars and being both arrogant and charming to Jane the brainy science girl. Then he finds his hammer, Mjolnir at a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility. ("Hey guys, look, it's meow meow!" My thoughts exactly.) Because he is *deep voice* mighty Thor, he will rip it from its resting place in the earth and kick some butt (see picture above). Except he's mortal now and isn't worthy of meow meow. Which breaks his heart. Kind of like if someone took my computer away.

Loki comes along, spreads some lies and discontent, leaving our heartbroken hero even more crushed. S.H.I.E.L.D. is very interested in Thor's butt-kicking powers, but one of the minor characters talks them into letting Thor go. Thor's blood-thirsty friends from Asgard come along, tell him Loki's a liar. When Loki discovers the biker gang Thor's loyal friends have defied his will, he sends a Destroyer after Thor. Insert black moment where Thor nobly sacrifices himself for this friends and poof! is worthy of meow meow again. He hastens back to Asgard to stop the traitor Loki, but not before promising Jane he will return to her. And then... well, I never give the end away. Let's discuss.

Um, what was with the foreshadowing in the first five minutes? Why not just pick up whereThor is waging war and eating Frost Giants like Popsicles? Don't get me wrong. That whole Jane getting her first glimpse of Thor is ro-man-tic. Which is one of the reasons I like this movie.

Let's think real hard (or even just half-way hard). Romance novel: almost always starts with the heroine. Traditional RNs always start with the heroine and didn't even bother with the MMC's POV. I find it incredibly odd that Thor started from Jane's POV. Odd, but interesting.

But Thor isn't a romance novel. It's heavy on romance, heavier than a lot of Marvel movies. It's a fantasy/action movie. Hmm.

I also love to see a hero who thinks he's all that be humbled. Thor was pretty cool with it. And I think that was because he knew Jane was there. As the old Russian saying goes, everything's all right with enough vodka love.

In spite of his arrogance, he was charming. He had a way of looking at Jane and doing things that made you see there was something more than a brat under all that muscle. A real hero. The guy who will not only kill spiders because he loves you, but also buy tampons at the Qwik-E-Mart.

And finally, in a heart-warming Hallmark way, Thor loved his dad. Sure, they fought and sure Odin cast him out to die horribly on Earth (I'm just speculating, but it could have happened). As Renee Russo said, (I can't remember her character's name) Odin doesn't do anything without a reason. Or something like that. Clearly his punkass son wasn't getting the picture on what it really means to be a man. And instead of saying something like I-told-you-bad-sh#$-was-going-down, Dad, Thor learned that warmongering isn't the answer. That's something we can all take to heart. The part about not saying I told you so, not the warmongering. Warmonger on.


  1. Thor is smoking hot!!!! The picture you posted gave me chills---the picture at the top where he's all torqued out. LOOK AT HIS ARMS!!!!

  2. They are amazing! We rented this movie and I didn't want to take it back. I'd watch it a hundred times in a row if I had time.

  3. On Thor: I'm ok with the dude who plays him, but give me Hugh Jackman in Australia over this guy ANY day of the week. There's just something about him.

    Now on to what I really want to say: Joss Whedon. SIGH. I love, love, LOVE Firefly. We have been having my little sister watch it, part of the culture she is getting by living with us, and I must say every single episode makes me sick with the fact that there are only 14 bloody episodes!!! The moron magnet that IS the Simpsons gets 30 years and going strong and yet FIREFLY gets not even one whole season?? That is why this world is spiraling into nonexistence: the HORRIBLE taste of the masses.

    After we finish we will be watching Serenity yet again, one of my favorite sci fi movies of all time. In my opinion, THE best of all time, yes, even better than... dare I say it? Starwars! Bleh.

    I have a mad lady crush on Zoe, that woman makes me dream of grueling workouts, chiseled abs, long pants, tall boots and carrying a gun in a holster around my waste. She is the epitome of sexy in my book.

    The best thing about Firefly is that all of it's characters are main character material in that they are all complex, fascinating, imperfect, and intrepid. I want to be a member of this crew. Don't even get me started on Malcolm Reynolds, that man candy is on my "five" list with a hot steamy bullet. I want there to be more Firefly. We aches for it. :(

  4. I loved Firefly when it wasn't cool to love Firefly. From the second I saw the first commercial, I knew I'd love it. I used to record them at home and take them back to my dorm to make my roommate watch. I was so thrilled when it came out on DVD, even though it was off-air. And then I had to educate my husband when Serenity came out because he didn't have a clue about the show. I made him go see it before he watched the series, but he loved it.

    Then I forced him to watch Angel and we were going to rent the Buffy series, but the Blockbuster nearest us went out of business.

    Nathan Fillion definitely ranks up high for sexy!

  5. Hi Allison!

    I love Thor too! I love when arrogant heroes turn humble and thoughtful after a series of tragic events ... though, I didn't like how fast it happened on the movie. Perhaps, if Thor was a book, his change would be slower and we could sympathize with him more. However, because of the movie time frame, his change was way too fast ...

    Anyway, Chris Hemsworth is gorgeous!
    Did you see the pictures of his upcoming movie, Snow White and the Huntsman? his hair is died to a dark brown shade!!
    Go check it out:


  6. I hadn't seen those pics! Man that looks like a good movie. I had no idea that the guy who plays Prince Charmant was the preacher from POTC 4 and was also in The Pillars of the Earth. He's a good actor too.


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