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The Official The Treasure Hunter's Lady Word Search Puzzle

The Official The Treasure Hunter's Lady Word Search Puzzle*. 

Largely because I'm too distraught to bring you a real blog post (today is not my friend). I have the key to this too, I really did put some effort into it. And as it's raining, you don't want to go outside today anyhow, so sit back, do a word find. The words are diagonal, horizontal, backwards and that funny thing where they slant. Possibly backwards. 

*All others are imitations.


  1. Hey, this is cool idea--one of the best blog posts I've seen in a long time. I'm going to print this out and find all the words--I'll let ya know when I find them all.

  2. Oh, and love the drawing! Very spooky!

  3. There's one in there you should know about that's not a word I have listed. It's HORN. It was an accident, but totally appropriate because I changed the serpent from the Rainbow Serpent to the Horned Serpent. My brain was working over time, I guess.


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