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Stuff I Find While I'm Walking 9 - Landscapes & Animals Edition

So I didn't go for the customary long walk yesterday or Saturday. Actually, Saturday was an ORA meeting, so I didn't do a whole lot of walking then anyway. Ah, comfy sitting. How I enjoy thee. But I did get some super-awesome hat pictures I will share with you later this week. I also got a new phone and these here are the tester photos on the phone. Yes, Overmaster Allison is pleased with the quality. Carry on with the photo taking! There is one I can promise you will love. And just in time for Halloween. So what did I do, if not walk a bunch?

Why, I got you pictures that don't include all those scary spiders I talk about all the time. Like this one: A beautiful landscape at Big Cedar Lodge near Ridgedale, Mo. Yes, the same guy who owns Bass Pro Shop owns this resort. Which tells you the kind of money he makes. I want to find him, run up to him, throw my arms around him and say, "Grandpa, I've missed you my whole life. I'm your long-lost granddaughter!" Heh. Like that would ever work.

The second waterfall in the photo is a bridge that you drive across with water flowing merrily across it. I didn't go wading because ballerina flat and water, um, yeah not a great idea.

We also went to the Branson Landing. From my understanding it is a poor imitation of the Plaza in Kansas City. Having never been to the Plaza, I can't say. I can't figure out why it's not covered like the Bayside shopping mall in Miami, FL. But they do put on a nice water/fire show three times a day. So I got you a picture of some water. I got one of fire and water, but it wasn't nearly as impressive as this one. Easily my favorite photo of the day. Especially with the little rainbow in the middle that just screams, "Cheerful!" Behind the really expensive and somewhat gaudy fountain, is Lake Taneycomo. Remember, you're here to learn and gape a photos, so go read the Wiki on the lake. Or else, I'll get a really big photo of a spider for next time! (The Wiki has some good photos too, but the one of the bridge is old because there's a new bridge there now and they're restoring the old one.)

Not only did we patronize Big Cedar, we visited not one, but both Bass Pro Shops this weekend. Imagine the lack of enthusiasm in my voice. Right. There isn't any. Ugh, it would be like if I dragged my husband to the bookstore every weekend. Seriously, the stock doesn't change that much. But I did manage a couple of good photos. Like this one, from the Branson BPS. Of an angry, angry chipmunk. Don't worry, it's dead. Which might be why it's angry. The chipmunk in front of it (also dead), was sitting on its haunches and missing one hand. Ouch. So why are you so mad, little chippy? At least you have all your appendages.

And now I bring you real live animals! Yes, live. Fantastic, huh? This is an aquarium in the Springfield BPS. That ugly creature to the right is a big blue catfish. And according to Wiki (learn, dangit!) they get very, very big. But more interesting is the critter to his left. A giant alligator snapping turtle. They have the same amount of bite pressure in their jaws as humans do, so don't go putting your hands around his mouth. Because you might lose a finger. Not that you can get to him or anything. I Googled him on the internet and someone said in '08 he was around 75 years old. I'm not sure how accurate the info is. All I know is, if he was on dry ground and so inclined to walk (he usually doesn't move much), I could ride on his back, he's that big. Also pictured, the tail of an alligator gar. Johnny Morris (or whoever does his decorating) has recently become obsessed with filling his Springfield location with alligator gar and swamp creatures (seriously, the boating/fishing section are full of swamp deer, black bear, gators [yes, even a real live gator named Al] and wild boars). Um, we're in Missouri, not the swamp. Where's our native wildlife? Oh, wait. Lots of turkey and whitetails. Whoopee.

But it was good weather for not walking so very far this weekend. They're predicting excellent weather for the rest of the week in our neck of the woods. Get outside, before it's wintery anyway! Get some fresh air. Sit on a bench. Do something! Or take a nap, dream of crazy-big turtles and cats and angry little stuffed chipmunks.

Happy walking and writing!