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Stuff I Find While I'm Walking - Fall in the Ozarks

I was all prepared to go walking at the Old Wire Road CA yesterday. Restless was in the backseat, sticking her head out the window, sniffing the warm afternoon air. I turned down the road to get to the CA and there's a truck parked right in front of the gate. Ahem. There's a parking lot for parking, mister! Then I see that 'mister' and 'junior' are practicing shooting targets. With a deer rifle. Oookkkaaayyy. Time to go somewhere else. Not becoming swiss cheese really appealed to me.

So, to bore you, Res and I ended up at the other part of OWR CA, the same part I explored last time. Typically if there's a vehicle parked in the lot, I don't go, but we were running out of options, so we decided to forge on. I figured there were some dudes fishing or maybe scouting for deer. Either way, we didn't see hide nor hair of anyone else.

Ah, fall in the Ozarks. Reds and oranges mixed with a small amount of green. You get some yellows too, but I find the trees that turn yellow lose their leaves first. They're ugly anyway because everyone knows yellow means death to a tree or plant. Heck, even the poison ivy is red in the fall. Here's a landscape with a nice array of colors. Still plenty of green, though the field was pretty brown. There were a couple of fields out there, I'm assuming are wildlife plots, that are still very green, like they'd been cut recently and were growing back. Or perhaps even planted recently. I didn't see any deer sign or even wildlife beyond a squirrel though.
Poor old tree (of unidentified species) has a crazy big knot in it. No telling what caused it. Could be disease or some broken part when it was  younger. It was just very weird to see, when all the trees around it were perfectly normal looking. Also, that squirrel I was talking about is in this photo somewhere. Good luck finding it, because I couldn't. I just saw it jumping around after I took the picture.

And this lovely section of rock is by that cave/not cave I found last time. Pure curiosity got me, so I told Restless to stay and went poking around under this ledge. I was sweating because it was pretty warm out and it was very cool beneath the shelf. The photo doesn't look like much, but it it was pretty wild under there, with years of weather carving out lines against the limestone. Someone had been under there too at some point, because there was a Pepsi can and a beer can (shame on you people. The sign clearly says take your trash with you.) and a shirt or something.
FYI, Restless mostly did stay. She got a little antsy when I got really far back there, but I told her to stay again and she did that time. She's not as dumb as she sometimes pretends.

This is a hole I wouldn't have stuck my hand in for love or money. There were a couple of holes like this and they were dug out enough that you could tell something was living in them. Something that probably possessed a lot of teeth and possibly epizootie*. As I'm in no hurry to develop epizootie, I got as close as I dared, snapped a photo and took off.

*Epizootic is technically a disease that certain number of animals gets at a certain time at a much higher rate than experts expect, but pretty much any time anyone got sick around the house we always claimed it was epizootie. The correct term for humans would be epidemic, but epitzootie is more fun to say and use incorrectly.

Hope your weather is friendly this week because as you all know, we're about to "fall back" and then we're going to have a shortage of daylight. Enjoy it while we've got it. Happy writing and walking!


  1. I love you taking me on a nature walk. I should take some pics of my nature walk and show them to you. It's forestry scenery.
    Hey, not totally sure, but I think that knot on the tree was from a form of tree cancer. Again, I'm no expert. Or it could be like a scar from an old injury. Trees are very amazing.

  2. I love your nature walks! I cannot beleive you stuck your hand in that hole, though. Yikies! Woman, are you crazy? You have snakes in your neck of the woods!!! And wear orange during hunting season. You don't want to end up on a meat hook somewhere. We get a lot of color here, a ton of yellow, orange and some red. It's fabulous.


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