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Stuff I Find While I'm Walking - It's A Whole New CA

Gheesh, the weekend just flew by. We had unbelievably good weather this weekend. I'd be so happy if it was always that nice. A little windy yesterday, maybe, but the sun felt so good.

Friday evening my curiosity got the better of me. I turned down a road I usually don't take, though I frequently drove on it in my youth, and pulled into the parking lot of the Old Wire Road Conservation Area. But, haven't I already walked there and posted pictures? Isn't that the same CA where I got lost and thought I'd end up like The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon?  Yes and no.

Old Wire Road CA has two different areas several miles apart. The one I went to on Friday is smaller and has better fishing access. They boast blue ribbon trout on a sign. I don't know if that's a type of trout or if they're like award-winning or why they deserve bragging on. Either way, fishing is not my thang.

Here's the PDF map of the area, that little chunk in the bottom right is where I went. They don't even having hiking trails marked on it, but there are two. And it was gorgeous back there. Dummy me, I forgot to wear my orange vest while I was wearing a green shirt (it's that time of year, wear your orange). I figured hunters are smart enough to know turkeys don't wear blue jeans. Or make the racket I do.

Like a multitude of people before me, I saw a creek and I said, "Hey, I want on the other side!" Not because the grass was green, but because there was a photo op. So I looked at this tree stretched across and said, "I bet I can--" and then common sense caught up. "No, no. Don't even step on that." So I stuck to the trail carved out by anglers. Wise of me, don't you think?

So I got to walking along the main trail, away from the water where countless generations of people who didn't have good common sense probably drowned and I found myself surrounded by limestone walls cut into the hillside. I imagine at some point this wasn't a trail, but in fact a road before they built the other road.

And lo and behold, I found this hole in the ground that could possibly be a cave. Is it a cave? Is it a hole? The world may never know because I still don't do caves. It looks like a cave, but I didn't even get close enough to throw a rock and see if anything was going to come screaming out of it. Um, I'll let someone else decide.

And here's a rock, and awesome lone rock at the top of a hill overlooking Crane Creek. I call it The Sentinel because it looks like it's watching something. Maybe some blue-ribbon trout. For thousands of years this rock has watched and guarded the trout. Beware, ye who would harm the trout, for The Sentinel Rock will get you. Okay, fine. It's not a very good super hero. What's it gonna do, wear away? Grow some moss?

And last, but never least because dead things are fascinating, particularly when they're not gooey and gross, I saw an armadillo bone. You know, armadillos, those fantastic creatures that live out fabulously wealthy lives on their home plant and only come to Earth to die. I can safely draw this conclusion from the armadillo husk laying next to it. Remember in school when you learned about how the people of yore used to find dinosaur bones and put them together and they did it wrong? I would've been one of those people if I had lived back then.

So, go new places, climb new heights, don't cross the water where trees have fallen or touch strange bones. But write and explore and explore while you read and get you some fine weather while it's still available. Bon voyage!


  1. I knew you were my sister in another life! I am scared of caves, too. No way, no how am I going into one. Not even to rescue Vince Gill. Not happening.
    I love to walk and take pics, usually of the dogs' antics. Love your pics. Very pretty place where you live.


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