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Stuff I Find While I'm Walking - My Halloween Oops

A brilliant idea came to me Sunday morning as I was getting dressed. In honor of Halloween, I would do a cemetery hop. Maybe snap a few photos with some orbs or ectoplasm. Wouldn't that be exciting? So I started out at the little cemetery a couple of miles from the house. It's called Short Cemetery and even on a sunny day like yesterday, it is creepy as hell. I don't know why, because it's laid out on a nice little hill with some gorgeous old pines and oaks providing shade. A wide cow pasture behind it is scenic, if you like cows. You can see in the photo the t-posts and concrete posts that provide the outline of the original cemetery before it expanded. There are plenty of old graves here, the writing faded from the elements. As I was walking along toward the right hand side, where the older graves are, I heard footsteps and nearly had an accident. Come to find out, it was a fallen oak limb with leaves still attached, rolling along in the wind. It really did sound like footsteps though.

This is an obelisk with a funny top. Obelisks are meant to represent rays of sunshine in honor of the dead. It belongs to Sarah Ann Kerr with the inscription 'gone to rest'. It doesn't look like Sarah Ann and in my hastily typed note, I wrote Sahaha, because that's what it looks like. Oh, time, how cruel you are to everything. But the truly creep thing is--see that tree next to it? There's a little stone right under it that reads. M.A.B.

Oh, look. You can see it right here in this picture. With a tree growing right over it. It's situated between Sarah Ann and B.A. Kerr, who was a soldier for the Union in the 8th Reg. Vol. Cavalry of Missouri. He sounds like a stand up guy, if you read about the Huntsville Massacre. No judgement though. I'm still puzzling through old M.A.B. here. If you match up the names and numbers the author assigned on the link I referred to above to the map here, it just shows B.A. and Sarah, with no one between them. Interesting.

This is an interesting grave as well. It belongs to Mandy Kerr, who died of lung trouble. Once again, time has worn away the inscription, but that's what the link says. Apparently she expressed a wish to have that rock on top laid over her. I didn't stick my hand in that hold to see if anything lived in there or if Mandy wanted an eternal friend.

Then, in continuation of my cemetery hop, I scooted down the road to Wilson's Creek National Battlefield because they have a cemetery. I went inside, got my token to drive through the gate, tried to avoid running over the many walkers enjoying the warm, albeit windy day, and looked in vain to find a parking space by the Edgar Cemetery. There are none. Only a trail that stretches across the park. So, as there are tire tracks on this trail, I pulled my car in beside the sign. This sign. And I step into the cemetery to take photos of tombstones.

When all of the sudden, here comes a white truck with lights on top that parks right behind me. Out steps a park ranger with the expression that read, 'All right, moron, let's hear your excuse.' My jittery brain tried to think of something smart and witty to say. My mouth ended up blurting out, "I'm about to get kicked out of the park, aren't I?"

He said, "Yes. Can I see some ID?"

Baffled, I stood there a second and said, "Sure." I whipped out my wallet, with that doofy picture of me on my driver's license and handed it to him along with my park membership card. I'm not some hobo off the street, after all. I pay good money to patronize that park.

I rambled on about how I do this blog and I thought taking pictures of cemeteries would be a great idea for Halloween. He looked at me like, oh, so you're crazy. Now get off our trail.

I apologized profusely and smiled a lot. I like to think I have a sort of trustworthy face. He handed my a map of trails and parking spaces and said, "We really prefer you use the parking lots." He backed up, waited for me to back out of the trail that is not a parking lot and I proceeded down the road at the proper speed limit. This is the photo I got. One measly photo of some dead guy's tombstone for my trouble. With nary an orb, bit of ectoplasm or Civil War soldier in sight.

So the only thing scary that happened at all was this big park ranger asking for my ID. And when you're me (though God willing you'll never run into that problem), that is very scary. I mean, I really figured the worst he would do was kick me out, but those people carry weapons and the authority to arrest you if it comes to that. Taser burns averted. Whew. Do you see what I go through to entertain the masses?

So, lesson learned. Stay on the designated trails, people! You'd think they'd be used to all those genealogist types running amok. You know how they are. ;)

Happy Halloween!


  1. Great pictures, Allison! We have a civil war cemetary in our area...may have to go visit and see if I can find ectoplasm...

  2. Thanks for visiting Kristina! I think I might've been out too early for the ghosties this year. Maybe next year!

  3. Glad you didn't get tazzed. There is a great cemetary in Spfd. at the corner of Campbell and Grand. Lots of great monuments and a lot of Spfd's founding fathers are buried there. I eat lunch there a lot.

  4. That's the cool thing about cemeteries, Wanda. They used to be very popular for having picnics and family reunions. Especially in the South.

    My mom grew up next to one and her and her sisters loved playing in it. I think that's a little bit creepy, but times were different. :)

  5. Awesome Halloween post.
    I'm so glad you didn't get tazzed or arrested.
    Cemeteries scare me, but I love walking in them and reading about who's buried there. I like to try and imagine what their life was like.

  6. I always hesitate to go in the cemeteries with gates on them. I learned from reading The Dresden that fences and gates are meant to keep things in, not keep people out. That makes you think. ;)

  7. Cool and creepy photos. Glad you did not get tazed or arrested and glad you did not have an accident. That reminded me of something I read where some girl had the crap scared out of her and the man next to her said, "Did that scare you?" and she replied, " I guess it did, I can't think of any other reason I have pee running down my leg." True story. A snake crawled out of the car's air conditioning vent on the dashboard while she was driving. It happened in Texas. I don't know why I just launched into that whole story. I guess because it is halloween.

    I am a new follower

  8. Great post, Allison. I love visiting old cemeteries and reading the headstones/markers. It's amazing the history you can find.

    I, too, am glad you didn't get tazed or arrested--worse yet, called into court and fined! (That's what happened to my niece when she got "caught" in a cemetery.) In all fairness to an over zealous court system--it occoured about a month after some vandalism had been done to a baby's grave. EVERYONE was still up in arms over it. (The vandals even stole the teddy bear placed on the grave. It was despicable!)

    As usual, great post--love the humor you infuse in your writing. :-)

  9. Melissa, that's a great story. Sounds like something that would happen to me, but I hope it never does!

  10. Man, Ginny, that's rough for your niece. It's so sad when people abuse privileges and others get in trouble for past mistakes. I can't believe anyone would disturb cemeteries, but there are some messed up people out there.


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