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The Friday Five - Five Foods I Can't NaNo Without

I know, you hear NaNoWriMo and it translates into blah, blah, blah. Aren't I done with that yet? Well, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately as the holiday season is upon us) it's only the 11th. So, no. There are 19 days left for NaNoing.

Today I'm thinking about foods that inspire me to write. How do they inspire me? It's not like I write big long paragraphs about meals in my stories. But food is fuel for the body like... something something something is fuel for the creative mind (you see, I'm sitting here on an empty stomach right now and can hardly think). There are monks somewhere in the world reading this post, saying that I indulge my sweet tooth far too often to compensate for the amount of work I do, but oh well. You only live once, you might as well enjoy pie.

While I sit and write, I usually have a beverage at hand. This allows me to pick up a cup and do something with my hands while I struggle to think of the next witty thing for a character to say. I actually just did it while I was struggling to think of something to say. See how that works?

Okay, deliciousness. Let's go.

#1) Lemon meringue pie - I'll be honest, I hate meringue. I always peel it off so I can reach the tangy goodness of lemon flavored filling. That bright yellow color snuggled under the puffy white meringue makes me drool. Even naked, the pie filling gives off a look and smell like something you want to soak in. That is what sunshine tastes like, friends. I have a thing for lemons. The way they smell, the way they taste. Ironically, I hate lemons in tea. I like tea, I like lemons, but I think it's just sick the way they clash when mixed together. You might as well try to give me bug larvae and mushrooms. It's not a good combo, okay? Perkins Family Restuarant has the best lemon meringue pie I've ever tasted. Village Inn follows a close second.

#2) Carrot cake - Sans raisins and coconut. Raisins have a texture like rum-flavored boogers. Not that I go around--I'm going to leave that sentence right there. You've read enough about raisins for today. It seems funny to put a vegetable in cake and have it end up tasting sweet and a little spicy. Zucchinis can be done the same way. Man, I would beg and grovel if I thought it would get me a loaf of zucchini bread. But back to carrot cake. Nice and moist without raisins, layered with cream cheese frosting and a decorative orange and green icing carrot on top. Mmm, just the flavor for a nippy fall NaNo day.

#3) Meat - We're talking steak or chicken. I'm not big on pork. I want my steak well done and my chicken done-done. Don't bring me bloody steak or chicken because it will go back to the kitchen and I will walk away with a free dessert for my trouble. My favorite steak comes from Texas Roadhouse in Springfield, MO because whoever does the cooking there is brilliant enough to get a well done steak to come out incredibly tender. No one does it like Rodney or Seth or whatever his name is. Kudos to you Rodney/Seth/Nameless chef. I can count on one hand the number of times I've sent a steak back there. My favorite chicken comes from Perkins Family Restaurant. It's a chicken breast served over asparagus with some kind of lemon-butter sauce. It is divine. When prompted to tell the secrets of said sauce, the cook revealed it's lemon juice, butter, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, and parsley. This item is not on the menu. You have to be special to get it. Like me. Okay, fine. It's on their specials menu. Geez.

#4) Back to desserts. Strawberry cheesecake from the Springfield Pasta Company. They used to be The Pasta House Company. Or, if I happen to be in the area, I'll go in for cheesecake from McFarlain's in Branson. They make the cheesecakes in two layers, one with cream cheese and whatever else goes in cheesecake and the other with sour cream and whatever goes in that. The perfect blend of sweet with just a tangy bite.

#5) Strawberry crepes - Ah, breakfast. I'm not much of a breakfast eater myself, owing to acid reflux, but we all know that breakfast is really an any time meal. When we go to Village Inn, I usually end up with the VIB, which allows me to choose four delicious items. It's a pity I can't just get crepes, crepes, crepes and crepes, but they make you pick four different dishes. VI has the best strawberry crepes I've experienced. Maybe I'm not worldly enough.... Anyway, thin golden crepes wrapped around cream cheese and strawberries is like dessert at breakfast. Every forkful is like creamy bites of heaven. I know there will be crepes in heaven. And deer made entirely of tenderloin, but that's a story for another time.

I have to stop at five because it's in the rules. But I could go on and on. Let's talk about you instead. Foods that keep you going while you're pounding out a novel. Are you a secret cheeseburger fanatic? Do you guzzle au jus? Stock up on Hot Pockets? What gets you through the next chapter?


  1. Hmm, I tend to forget to eat until my stomach growls at me. And then I just grab whatever is easiest. I not much for dessert. I'm a fried food gal. Give me McDonald's french fries and I'll be your friend, until their gone anyway.

  2. I know, I love McDonald's fries. They're the best and they have the best Dr. Pepper, so it's win-win when I got to Mickey D's.


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