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The Friday Five - Romantic Comedies

I love a good laugh. Keeps me going through good times and bad. As much as I love to kick a character when he/she is down, I like to give them good dialogue and witty personalities so that they come across as real to the reader. I know I'm sometimes inspired the romantic comedies I've watched. Let's take a look at my five faves.

#1)  Fool's Gold - Um, I'll just say it. My favorite part of the movie is where Donald Sutherland and that girl who plays his daughter are talking about why the boat is named 'Precious Gem'. She makes a great bimbo. I love this movie because Matt and Kate have beautiful on-screen chemistry. They portray an excellent couple, especially when they're at odds. Props for Finn for never giving up on his dream, boo because it almost cost him the woman he loved. My husband says that Tessa is unforgiving, but I think that's because men's minds and women's minds don't run on the same tracks if you know what I mean. Ah, I love a HEA where everyone gets rich in the end.

#2) A Knight's Tale - Not listed on Wikipedia as a romantic comedy, but what does the Internet's biggest free encyclopedia really know? I don't care, there's love in it and it's very nice love because Jocelyn is willing to run away with William even if it means being poor. And also it has the coolest soundtrack. You're humming David Bowie's Golden Years right now, aren't you? Do the disco, you know you want to.

#3) When In Rome - There are some things about this movie I can't stand. Like Dax Shepard, so for the sake of this blog, we'll pretend he doesn't exist. Poor drunk Beth picks up a handful of coins from the fount of love thingy in Italy and thinks she's enamored Nick by holding on to his coin. But it's true love. So sweet and I love that he's willing to give her one of the most embarrassing photos ever taken of him to show in the Gugenheim to prove that he'll do anything for her.

#4) The Proposal - I'm a Ryan Reynolds fan. The man just has the ability to pull off sarcasm like no other. Not to mention muscles. Sandra Bullock I can take or leave. The real treasure in this movie is, of course, Betty White. She pulls it all together. I'll admit it, I rented this out of Redbox and didn't expect much. It surprised me. Margaret's desperate plot to force Andrew into marriage was a hilarious ride that took some real issues to hand--like the disagreements between Andrew and his father. It all comes out all right in the end. I think it would have been a great novel.

#5) Pretty Woman - Ah! One of my very favorite movies. I remember it was all the rage when I was in elementary school, but my parents wouldn't let me watch it because of the S-E-X. There are parts of it that are really terrible, like the fact that Vivian is a hooker and she "quit doing drugs when I was 14." 'Kay, how old were you when you started? But the fact that Vivian breathes new life into stuffy old Edward, showing him that there is more to life than business, makes it worth watching. She never takes advantage of the fact that he has money. She's pretty naive about that, bless her heart.

Et tu, readers/writers? Who are your favorite couples to share a laugh with on screen?


  1. Can't say I'm into lovey dovey movies but there are a few. I agree with Pretty Woman and When In Rome. I would add An Officer and a Gentleman (gets me everytime Richard Gere picks Debra Winger up and carries her out of the factory). I've dreamed of somebody carrying me out of this place (and not in a straight jacket). I also love Bull Durham. Great love story and it has baseball. Love it when Susan Sarandon says "oh my" after Kevin Costner says how he would kiss her.

  2. My favorite romantic comedy is Romancing The Stone. I loved that movie so much. And the fact Joan Wilder was a romance writer was awesome!

  3. I'm waiting for "A Boyfriend for Christmas." It's usually on the Hallmark channel during this season. I love the fella that stars (couldn't tell you his name if my life depended on it)--he's gorgeous, funny, and oh, sooooo, believeable.

    I also love Fool's Gold and Bird on a Wire. Oh, yes--Overboard with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.


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