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All I Got For Christmas Was...

A totally awesome e-reader, y'all. Okay, that's not all I got for Christmas because I got a super-cute purse, a sweat shirt and new jeans and an impending trip to Arkansas (that hopefully includes cheese because I want to ring in the New Year by eating fancy cheese. I  cheese). But I'm obsessed with the e-reader, of course. It's a Pandigital novel e-reader with a 7" screen in black. I need to get a cover or skin for it because I've already go fingerprints all over it.

This is how the cover of THL will look on in the gallery. That's not the cover I'm using for the book, but I just wanted to see how it would look. The verdict is in: amazing. Of course.
The photo isn't much to go by. It makes the top of the cover look sepia and the bottom very blue. It's just the angle. I haven't decided whether my hand is large and the reader is small or if that's the camera. Going with the camera.

So far I've downloaded four books to the ereader. I like the weight of it although turning the pages is a bit of a chore. I haven't had any problems with the downloads, but looking at the white page (or I can choose back for nighttime viewing) is kind of boring. I think I'm used to yellowish paper and maybe the texture. I'm having a lot of fun with the stylus too, using it to scratch my face, tease the dog and... um, yeah, scroll along the screen. I'm enjoying it, with only a few minor details that are driving me nuts, but it's soooo cool because it's just like my phone only I don't get calls or take photos, but it's bigger and easier to use than my phone internet. Wow.

Also, I released a novella to Amazon/NOOK Books/Smashwords. One Day In D.C. is a story I started a couple of years ago and wrote all night long. It's about seven thousand words and I'm charging $1.99 for it all over the web. It's a cute story about a one night stand between an earnest secret service agent and a snarky waitress/daycare lady with a happy ending.

You can find it on Amazon, NOOK Books, and Smashwords. At $1.99 because you shouldn't break the bank to get a decent read. Or so says my debit card.

Next time we'll talk about New Year's Eve, okay? Happy writing and reading everyone!


  1. Aren't e-readers the best?? I love my kindle so so so much.

    Your cover looks amazing on your e-reader by the way!

  2. ooo, do you make the covers? Love it!
    I am looking at Kindles today. I had a sony and when I got my giant Droid with a 4.5 screen I sold it. But I miss the e-ink. So, I'm off to look at them today.

    :) Enjoy it and lots of reading. I hope to check out your newest soon. :)


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