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If The World Ends 12/21/12, At Least I Can Say I Got Something Done In 2011

Good year, bad year. Good year, bad year. Mediocre year?

In review, here are things I set out to do:

In January, I decided to start editing The Treasure Hunter's Lady. And for some crazy reason, add 30,000 words, which I finished (adding, not editing) around the end of June/beginning of July. Worse still, I decided to pitch to a real-live agent in person. And I sent out maybe a dozen query letters. Of which all were rejected. I was sad a lot during the summer. In fact, I almost broke down crying in an automotive store on  a Friday evening when I received a reject. I soldiered on.

I also entered THL in two contests. I did very poorly in one and got an honorable mention in the other. Up and down. I entered a short story in another contest and scraped by with a second runner up people's choice majigger award because my network is awesome. Thank you, network. Without you-all, I'd be in sorry shape indeed.

Need I mention I kind of felt bad about bugging everyone to vote? I threatened you with monsters that would invade your dreams if you didn't vote for me. I apologize. My mama raised me better.

In October I got the reject from the real-live agent. I cried like someone died and whined a lot. I threatened to self-publish THL and then decided not to. I started editing again, bolstered my spirits with the promise of rewriting SPW during NaNoWriMo and looked into the future. November brought me laughter as I started in with SPW again, even though it was an uphill battle that ended in me falling flat on my face. I didn't manage 50k much less 40k. I signed and terminated a contract for THL, but you know all about that. I whined again when people suggested self-publishing. November was rather depressing on the writing front, even more so than the late summer months. Soldier on.

After a week or so of moping, I got my legs under me again and said, "Hell, I don't have anything to lose." And made up my mind to self-publish. There are three, count 'em three short stories on Amazon, Nook Books and Smashwords under my pen name. It feels good to see them there. They weren't eating anything, of course, but they were hiding in the dark and not doing anyone any good. I got a review from a total stranger on one and she gave it 5 stars on Amazon. It's like winning an Oscar or something, only with less prestige.

To recap the good:
Added 50k to THL
Finally reached 50k on SPW (with 30k to go)
Wrote a 2800k-ish short story (that got an award)
Started a new short story (brain stuck at a little over 3k)
Got an honorable mention for THL
Got a contract to publish THL
Self-published short stories
Made covers for the short stories
Learned oodles about formatting and cover-making

To recap the bad:
Felt sorry for self b/c THL needed so much work
Didn't get to start a new novel
Did poorly in a contest
Lost the contract to publish THL when the publisher closed its doors

At least the good list is longer. The thing to do now is decide what to work on for next year. Obviously I have to finish SPW and start editing it. I have that short story that might be better served as a novella and I have an idea to round off the trio of steampunk romances. Not to mention I keep thinking I really ought to do something with The Convict & the Cattleman because I feel really guilty about writing it and abandoning it. It needs a major overhaul, which is exhausting to think about. I wish I had the ability to write faster and edit better, because in all honesty, my editing skills are sh!tty.

Oh, magic fairy. I need some editing/writing skills bestowed upon me. I don't have a firstborn, would you like something else?

Happy New Year's, kids. Don't drink and drive because it might mess up your ability to read future Have Novel, Will Edit posts and buy my stories for your e-readers. Happy writing and reading, y'all.

P.S. Added 12/30 @ 9:27 - I'm participating in a bloghop with author Carrie Ann Ryan so be sure to come back on Jan 4th for great prizes including a chance to win a Kindle Fire and an $80 Amazon gift card.


  1. It was a wild ride Mr Toad, wasn't it!

  2. There were just all kinds of goings-on. I think the write-in will be a great way to kick of the new year!

  3. It's been quite a year, hasn't it been? Looks like you were very productive, regardless. I hope 2012 is better for everyone :)


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