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My Final WriMo Woe (Or Another Swan Song, Or Die, November, Die!)

I gave it my best shot. Okay, I tried. It wasn't anywhere close to "best shot", but it's hard to complain about 38,320 words in 23 days. No, I haven't written another single word on it since the 23rd. Bite me.

To recap: I was extremely excited about the prospect of writing this second version of The Sky Pirate's Wife because I finally figured out the paranormal elements in it. I think the second and third chapters are excellent, much different than I anticipated (because let's face it, I went into this blind and didn't anticipate anything).

Somewhere along the way the FMC and MMC got into this habit of really ripping each other up when they weren't making love (which was just an added bonus because I was out of plot so I substituted sex instead of dialogue). It stopped being fun. Now I'm thinking I might just take some of the stuff from the first version, combine it with the second and stir in those paranormal elements. Eventually.

I'm a little bit sad because this is my first loss at NaNo. But I thought of something clever to say about that, so fear not! I may have lost the war, but I won the battle. It's good to win battles, right? Right?

Now I want to share with you some of my favorite lines from The Sky Pirate's Wife. Here goes.

Sophie's stomach was empty and it was a fortunate thing too. Otherwise she feared she'd dirty Mr. Wayne's lovely black leather carriage seat. 
 “Seven survived, including the captain.”
 A wry smile tipped the patient's mouth up for a heartbeat before he grimaced in pain. “Did he now?”
[Van Buren] looked a bit cramped until he found a lever that let the seat slide back. “How fortunate that the manufacturers included this luxury. I fear it would be unpleasant to drive more than a block with my knees up to my neck.” (referring to an automobile he's stealing)
 Sophie twisted toward him. “They are rather bad. But I enjoy all the trouble you get into before the last page.” (referring to dime novels written about Van Buren)
Albert's lawyer ... Darroc Wayne, a short, round man with poor taste in suits, smiled at her. Smiled like there was nothing amiss.
“I understand there's to be a wedding.”
It took all of Sophie's reserve not to slam the door and climb out the window. 

Score one for getting through November alive, but I feel like I've been severely beaten with craptastic events. Like I said on Monday, I have a list of potential e-publishers, but I just do not feel enthusiastic about subbing in any way, shape or form right now.

If you think about it, December is a lousy time to attempt much of anything because it's a very busy month. January is so dull and lifeless, it really makes a much better month to try and rise from the crappy ashes of the previous year.  (Code for I'm a procrastinator.)


  1. I think it was a tough year for writers everywhere. On Google+ a lot of the people in my writer circle were dropping out.

    Oh, well. Next year will come too soon.

  2. You did a lot better than I did! I quit after 4k and didn't look back. Shame shame:)


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